Thursday, April 15, 2010

sidewalk chalk city

chalk, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
lemme tell you, this netbook is the best. thing. ever. i blog to you outside on my porch today :) watching little jasper make chalk marks, like hash marks, all over the floor, the posts, the siding. talking about airplanes, trucks and flowers.

i love my backyard, but i also love my front porch. who doesn't love to hang out and people watch the people in your neighborhood? my retired neighbors always nod/say hello and chit chat about how the weather, cars zoom down our block with crazy bass booming, the occasional stray cat will stroll by and stare at me then go about it's kitty business. my best, favorite-cat-ever-on-the-planet, simon is curled up in the kiitty condo, his usual post. there is always something going on, i love my street.

after this playtime it's lunch and nap for the lil' guy. i am going to continue crocheting some more of those tiny bows from a few posts back...i made some orange ones last night. they're very cute. because they're little, and everything little is cute dammit. my friend gifted me some vintage acrylic yarn balls from a departed relative in all kinds of yummy colors. time to get hookin'! :)