Wednesday, April 07, 2010

friends in cool places

artichokes, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
it's good to have friends who work in cool places, if not high places, such as the sacramento coop . i went along with her last night with to pick up our dog's food, V DOG (vegan dog food, made here in sacramento! awesome-sauce!) for less of the normal sticker shock i fall into every month buying it.  it's great for them, but dang it's pricey!  now for the record,  i have my problems with the coop (the "humane meat" myth, anyone?) but it's kinda all we have as far as coops go.

got a few sundry items and some annies gummy-bunnie snacks for lucy's speech therapy and we are good to go on groceries. tonight i am making the baked mac-n-cheeze recipe from the new farm cookbook since i grabbed some nutritional yeast as well. i should have picked up some hair dye, but i think i will do that this weekend anyway. i have some very serious grays going on. yikes!

on the NFB front, 2nd saturday is this weekend and i am ready with a ton of new earrings, some new crocheted items and a big old smile even if it's cold*. i am happy to do what i do, after all. i had a dream two nights ago with think i prefer to call it a *vision*. it's going to happen, folks. swearin' it.

(*i was reminded that even though i am totally temperature intolerant and it literally pains will warm up soon enough and the yuba river ought to be slamming this year with all this rain. we are doing some preliminary camping planning and camping at the yuba is up there with ocean camping at the bodega dunes, as well. if all goes well i am thinking big sur, too. ah man i love it over's been far too long since we have driven that way. )

happy weds to you!