Saturday, April 17, 2010

sunny days

sass, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
sunny days are sweeping up clouds away in my neighborhood today. i set out on a bike ride, up for anything. i decided to scoop up kristie to go get coffee at the old soul coffee place on broadway. i got a dirty soy chai plus a shot of house-made vanilla. yummers, it was delicious. from there we biked down 2nd ave to the old cemetery to see the flowers in bloom and take pictures. it was gorgeous, as usual this time of year.  i enjoy peering into the crypts and seeing the old monuments and gravestones.  makes me sad there is no place to go visit mom and kelley, since they were cremated and their ashes spread.  i totally see the value of having a grave of sorts and would love to have somewhere to go and picnic to be with them.  this "they are everywhere" idea isn't working for me too well.

the weather was perfection:  it was warm enough for me to strip down to a tank top so you know how hot it was for that to happen lol.  lately, i am a cold-blooded hypothyroid LOL. today, however i was like a lizard on a rock, and i soaked up the sun. my batteries are recharging...tomorrow is going to be even nicer than today!