Saturday, August 02, 2014

bulldog sitting is my specialty.

this weekend i am in the city sitting for my friend who is at a vegan bnb in mendicino.  jealous is one word i can use to describe how i feel about that, but lucky is another because i am relaxing up here as well so it is like a retreat in itself. 

buggsy's poo patch of dirt up the street.

we just kind of sit and stare at one another.

fog does not do wonders for my hair or glasses.

ocean beach smells like dog.

i'm thinking of having bingo night with my friend at the riptide later tonight!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

365 days later lol

goddamn i am boring.  well, i don't think so but if i lived solely in terms of social media man.  what a snooze.  But it doesn't feel that way to me, not really, as this last year has been as difficult as any i can remember in a long time.  but not as bad as the past few years. 

i just reread my last blog post from august of last year, and i was in a similar situation (it's all running together now, oh the feels!).  i had just been laid off from my other PA job and i was puttering around the house.  my sister was staying with us and that is a blog post for another time let me tell you.  it was stressful, but she is now living independently with her son.  that's always good news! if we are friends on instagram or twitter you may have caught that i was a living an onion article on working in an office in rancho cordova--my last 9 months have been devoid of real progress on the self-work that i clearly require!  also lacking--balance.  so as i stepped down from my last job with some shred of dignity, i hope i realized that the trade off over the past 9 months wasn't beneficial to me, the gal who is living this life.  

fast forward to now:  and within one week of unemployment, i have landed another PT, less stressful and higher paying personal assistant (to a busy couple not care giving for, that distinction is important to me since my last position was an agency that worked with caregivers for disabled people) gig.  i am employed once again, and my daily routine just want from meh to POW.  i love serendipitous situations, which whether or not you believe in those types of unexplainable things, i find myself in quite a bit.  now i have time to: make things.  be creative.  be me.  this is huge, people. 

my handwriting skills have gone the way of the dodo.

speaking of making, our little fledgling button business is finally growing feathers, it's official that it's now taking over things with a life of it's own!  the funny thing is, and i hope you are sitting down for this, the more time i spend thinking and acting on it the more business i get!  not a true aha moment but close enough.  i have been getting referrals and repeat customers and just this week i got a monthly reoccurring order for a start up subscription based business.  i'm really excited because making buttons is like my zen happy place. i can zone out, reminisce of things, brain storm, day dream whatever i like.  and it gets me in a groove.  (more talk of balance.)  Here are some recent projects from 2CBC.

custom.  cute idea for your next event!

my friend's vegan bakery here in sacramento!  sassy oh baking co, their logo.

custom. birthday button

new skate & record shop in sacramento, their logo.
order for students, their image.

related:  i've really been missing NFB, the physical shop lately.  in local news, our sacramento version of voodoo donuts (no really they went up to pdx and got real inspired to open a donut shop) is closing after 3 years, citing burnout.  not only can we not get a decent vegan donut kind of stung to hear that they had the luxury of "quitting" when money didn't come in to the equation for them like it did for me and our business. i know it's apples to oranges but i love and miss NFB dearly!  i do have my etsy shop and of course the button biz. ( i think here is where i insert the theme: balance.)

this is not the place where i promise to write more blog posts (nobody cares), sew more (i am going to gdi!), take more photos (i take a zillion a day, camera phone is replacing my real camera but i'm ok with that.  i embrace micro-blogging on IG and it embraces me).  no, that is not going to be the end of this post.  this is the place where i pat myself on the head and feel amazed that i lived through all of THAT and am not moving on to pushing through all of THIS. (BALANCE)

and then of course i do it all for these crazy people:
my family.  gotta love 'em!

next blog post:  i may just tell you a little story about the stray mama cat and her 4, 4 week old babies that are living in lucy's closet.  (*cough cough* what was that about balance?)