Tuesday, January 22, 2008

i can't believe i have to say it twice

from the very bottom of this very page, and from the top of common sense:

"don't steal. stealing images from the internet is bad, BAD! if you link to me--that makes me happy! but if you rip off these pictures and pass them off as your own....tsk and shame! if you would like to use an image, contact me first. that would be nice." <---- hon, learn to read!

all you have to do is email me and let me know, or ask for better shots if you really want some that bad. have a feeling it is the ip from roseville and that would be just peaches...until you ripped off my photo. :)

next time have your DH pick up a phone, or peck out an email asking for pictures. a new concept, i know but try it. i would hate for you to fall prey to a big old internet monkey maneuver...again.

Monday, January 21, 2008

happy mlk day :)

happy monday and mlk day :)

i made some candles, both soy and the votive holders themselves. i like the fancy bright colors and pink lace on these two.

shawn is taking his daughter back to his mom to go back to california and i have a feverish 3 year old on my bed sweating buckets. so this ought to be a fun day or so, depending on whether my magic skills of whipping up proper tinctures for her immune system work or not! she looks like hell, but she has a strong system and this bug will most likely work it's way out in the next 24 hours. the older girl felt bad for about 2 hours yesterday but if i had what she has to fight off colds and flu's i would bottle it to be a rich woman: that kid NEVER gets sick. i am taking my vitamins and special brews so i don't get ill either...that would be bad, bad. i am so over winter illness!

we had a really good time and i got some good pictures of the girls together which was nice to be able to share with the out of state g-parents and family. the weather mostly cooperated so we had a lot of outside play and also we hit up the science museum to feed our heads. :)

i am exhausted and rightly so. off to go see if the little one needs anything and perhaps lay down for a spell myself. it is that kind of afternoon, me thinks....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hump day!

we have a little visitor coming for the weekend and i am getting the house ready for her. i need the girls room to be immaculate because one more little girl=more mess from fun to clean up at the end of the day. so, we will continue to get there from here, which isn't so far from where we need to be. if that makes any sense. also the carpets are bad so now that it is semi-dry i can clean them and perhaps not have doggie paw prints five minutes after they are done, such as what normally happens.

all in all everything is where it needs to be, what needs to be happening is happening. i am working on listing more and doing a bit of advertising for more sales this week. i have been happy to have a few and been contacted by one of the shops i have stuff at for more stock so that is good news. my business new years resolution after getting tax info together is to work a little harder on the sales push for the shops i have items in. i have been totally lazy in following up with them, and that is never ok if you want orders! by the end of the month i have to follow up with everyone and work on getting more stuff to them. it ain't gonna happen by itself!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

new items up now!

spent some time this morning doing retakes and listing some new items i had realized i never did as i rustled through my stock. some new earrings and necklaces, and some with better photos. :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

no lions, no tigers but bears oh my!

the weekend was great with a fun filled trip to our science museum. they had an arctic exhibit, with stuffed bears, penguins, lemmings (not a fish, btw-i don't know why i thought they were!), bones and fun facts we enjoyed learning about. i made some really good black beans in the crockpot for when we got home with some cornbread..mmm, mmmm. supposedly it is going to flurry today, with more snow later in the evening. it has been dry the past couple of days, or should i say drier than last week. i hope it really dumps snow on us, like last year around this time.

i finished a scarf, then decided it wasn't what i wanted, so i started another late last night. hate when that happens! i would love to get these little customs done so i can start something else--i feel like i haven't listed anything new, completed anything new in a while. blah, not a good feeling!

last night i watched a documentary on 'reborn' doll makers and buyers. fascinating. i don't understand doll collecting in general and this was a insider peek into the production and some rational behind people who buy these EXPENSIVE, and creepy concoctions. the dolls would be cheaper in the long run, and since some women* are hooked on being pregnant and having infants it would be PERFECT for some women i can think of off the top of my head. (hey, i still have my first cabbage patch kid named barry sitting in my closet looking down at me as i type. i guess i could be considered a crazy doll lady too! no judgments ha ha...)

*i know a few of these irl! :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

nfb is crackalackin'!

i jammed today and got orders out which always makes me feel accomplished. one order came in, and i went straight to packaging--turned around and caught the mail truck and was out in 30 minutes after ordering. now how is that for customer service ;p

i am starting a scarf and a pouch tonight, both with little sugar skulls then i will have to figure out what is next! i would love to get going on the little votive idea i have for more soy candles. and i do have some more wax and containers i could be filling in the meantime.

i signed up for the valentines addition of grannypanties craft bazaar (my favorite craft show!) which is on feb 9. that should be pretty cool as usual. i just love that one-i would love to just go sit and drink and not sell a thing. but sales are gravy for the fun times on that one! :)

the above pic is a close up of an applique on a crocheted clutch i made for smitten in ohio. she will have better pictures when things go up for sale on the site, so i am excited to see those when they are done. i have some blurry ones but this little red guy is super cute in person! i hope she loves everything...

other than working on items, i have been PURGING this house from old clothes, kitchen stuff and whatever else i have deemed cluttery. i have a pickup from the thrift store scheduled and i am just crossing my fingers it is not THE rainiest day of the year on the morning i have to put everything outside. i do have a tarp, but still i don't want the stuff to get soggy. i washed everything, dammit. it feels pretty great to have room in the den now, and next is our bedroom. it is ALL going--we need space!