Monday, January 07, 2008

no lions, no tigers but bears oh my!

the weekend was great with a fun filled trip to our science museum. they had an arctic exhibit, with stuffed bears, penguins, lemmings (not a fish, btw-i don't know why i thought they were!), bones and fun facts we enjoyed learning about. i made some really good black beans in the crockpot for when we got home with some cornbread..mmm, mmmm. supposedly it is going to flurry today, with more snow later in the evening. it has been dry the past couple of days, or should i say drier than last week. i hope it really dumps snow on us, like last year around this time.

i finished a scarf, then decided it wasn't what i wanted, so i started another late last night. hate when that happens! i would love to get these little customs done so i can start something else--i feel like i haven't listed anything new, completed anything new in a while. blah, not a good feeling!

last night i watched a documentary on 'reborn' doll makers and buyers. fascinating. i don't understand doll collecting in general and this was a insider peek into the production and some rational behind people who buy these EXPENSIVE, and creepy concoctions. the dolls would be cheaper in the long run, and since some women* are hooked on being pregnant and having infants it would be PERFECT for some women i can think of off the top of my head. (hey, i still have my first cabbage patch kid named barry sitting in my closet looking down at me as i type. i guess i could be considered a crazy doll lady too! no judgments ha ha...)

*i know a few of these irl! :)