Friday, February 29, 2008

leap day wtf?

hey whatever it is called, it is the last day of this month and i could not be more pleased! here is to a new month, spring days and new beginnings!

last night i made some teriyaki tempeh and it turned out pretty good. i also checked out the asian close-out store up the street and what a treasure that was. i picked up a scooter for lucy for $15 and she is scooting around the house as we speak. pink, of course and it has "HAPPY" all over it. yes, it is making everyone HAPPY :) on a impulse purchase i also grabbed some meditation chime balls and have been twirling those around all night. whenever i need some quick zen and help for my poor circulation i will be fiddling with those i know it.

my sewing machine is in the back of my car and i think it is going to need a tune up again and a second look a the timing situation. once i get that up and running i am hoping to actually make something, which will be the cherry on top of my sundae of this move being 97% done and over with.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

paupers palace

time to drop all pretense and embrace reality people! the economy is in a DEEP DIVE and if you aren't tightening your belt i fear for you in the next 18 months! lucky for me i have a constant reminder of how good we have it, even in an 'economic downturn' ha ha ha.

some of my fav things i am enjoying from my recent move:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

*welcome home*

finally in a (head)space where i can relax and get a feel for the day after a long and grueling three day move. and there is still clean up to be done at the old place this weekend! as i sit and look around with things neatly put away (i have a linen closet for the first time EVER omg) i try and think back to hauling all these boxes and boxes of crap up here and it is all a blur. a thankful blur, kinda like childbirth. ha ha.

i have a TON of art/craft stuff that needs to be contended with asap. i feel pretty good and would like to get it out somehow. i am having a organizational issue with all of it at the moment!

i absolutely adore everything right now.

happy tuesday :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

we're a'movin' on up!

after last weeks dental hell, and a short respite i am fully packed and just waiting for tomorrow and saturday to roll around to get this behind me! it only took seven days for my gum and jaw to heal (yep. that is sarcasm you detect) but the good news is i have been off the junk since weds night. that percacet is a killa! so, tomorrow we get the van and embark on our new journey. i get so single minded during things like this, if i think of anything else i feel guilty for not putting more time and thought into the first thing. so, as a result nfb is on a short badly needed hiatus for the move, a regroup and a soul filler-upper to get the creative juices flowing again.

until then, i feather my new nest with renewed vigor and vows to live life less clutter free and insane. can it be done? we shall see!

**see my picture is a moving van for nfb! this is how we roll....***

Thursday, February 14, 2008

chipmonk cheek, drugs and valentines

happy valentines day, y'all.

so far i have a swollen cheek and stitches to show for mine! yesterday i had a small oral surgery (well it started out small, but turned out to be a 'difficult extraction' of a molar) and today i get to hang out in bed with my percacet, various liquids and mushy food. i appreciate being told to GO TO BED for a day, because otherwise i am overwhelmed by boxes, cleaning and the impending move set a week from friday.

mr. valentine shawn has been wonderful and made me a wonderful slurpable dinner last night and has taken the best care of me, and the girls have been on their best behaviour. lucy loves to kiss my cheek and say 'u hurt? have owie?' she is a little caretaker, and it is sweet.

off to go prop myself up, and to hang out with a magazine. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

nfb headquarters is moving!

the whole operation is moving in less than ten days! my house is up in high chaos right now, and it will most certainly get more chaotic before the week is up. this move is a good move to help simplify things for our household and also it will allow us to save some money that just seems to hemorrhage via our utilities and rent. plus we have some big trip ideas for the spring and summer such as camping and traveling that we need to be able to save money for. shawn wants a vanagon...biodiesel. :)

right now never felt better is on a hiatus for the next month. nothing creative can come of anything right now other than ensuring my nest is feathered properly. :) but orders will still be shipped as usual, of course.

last night i was packing some in our room and i had these boxes that were from at least the last 4 moves if not longer. lots of stuff from memory lane and all my old diaries and love letters. stuff to give my daughters when they are WAY older ha ha. i purged a lot of the stuff i scratched my head over and the room is basically packed minus the clothes and the computer desk/tv. my craft stuff is entirely packed. today i am tackling the front room's books and video game mess. we need a new bookshelf badly, too. gah--have i mentioned how much i LOVE moving? ha ha.

well let me put it this way i have moving on the brain, can't get anything else done until this portion of my life passes. i will post some pictures of the moving chaos soon! :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

i <3 granny panties

you should too if you are in the portland area on february 9th--come on down for some drinking, crafts, valentine making...drinking.... :) last year i had some yummy lychee and cherry flavored cocktails and i know this year there will be some equally yummy concoctions for your consumption!

and in other news, i got my glass FINALLY and hey you know what? i can read what i am blathering now and my head doesn't split when i crochet! imagine that! it is like a miracle. the miracle of getting OLD.

we had my 10 year olds birthday this week and lots of excitement surrounding that landmark. we just got back from target where (gasp--not handmade...shhhh! ha ha) she spent her two gift cards on this HUGE littlest pet shop village thing that is out of control. the kid has a million of them but loves them all dearly so i won't grumble too much about cheap plastic toys.

lucy was deathly ill with some crazy super bug but has since bounced back. it was really scary for a minute there. i think we all had/have a touch of whatever killer virus is going around. we like to kiss and hug a lot here so it just keeps getting passed back and forth, i am sure. i have been doing emergen-c's as shots so i don't feel like too much hell. i sure can't wait for winter to be over. it has been a weird one for sure!