Thursday, February 14, 2008

chipmonk cheek, drugs and valentines

happy valentines day, y'all.

so far i have a swollen cheek and stitches to show for mine! yesterday i had a small oral surgery (well it started out small, but turned out to be a 'difficult extraction' of a molar) and today i get to hang out in bed with my percacet, various liquids and mushy food. i appreciate being told to GO TO BED for a day, because otherwise i am overwhelmed by boxes, cleaning and the impending move set a week from friday.

mr. valentine shawn has been wonderful and made me a wonderful slurpable dinner last night and has taken the best care of me, and the girls have been on their best behaviour. lucy loves to kiss my cheek and say 'u hurt? have owie?' she is a little caretaker, and it is sweet.

off to go prop myself up, and to hang out with a magazine. :)