Saturday, December 20, 2008

happy holidays!

i do not even care...i love the winter holidays. we are still decompressing from portland, and even moreso now they are having "stormpocolypse 2008" (to steal from adrienne!) with feet of snow!!! we are amazed how mild and warm it is here in sacramento, and honestly, it feels like we never left. if you were here i would be driving you crazy too, with the christmas songs loud on the radio and me just sing-sing-singing along. we got our very first full sized tree since now we have the room to spare. i am just a big old sap for the holidays in general. much to everyone around me's chagrin. :)

still i have been photographing and listing weekly. there is another indiesacramento on january 3rd to get ready for. love that it is going monthly!!! next up: scout out local shops to try and sell.

hopefully the handful of shops that have opened up in the past 4 years are good fits for little old

be well and have yourself a merry little winter holiday, whatever that may be for you.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

we've landed!

we have landed in sacramento, and i have successfully feathered my nest! including my new office workspace which is totally a tickle...i have never had a dedicated space before that was MY OWN. now i have a whole room and i am pretty excited about that. no more unplugging this for that kind of thing :) i have an idea board, with a ton of ideas for NFB but am in a place where i can't go there quite yet. this weekend is my first sacto craft show INDIESACRAMENTO.COM, so i am getting ready for that today with high hopes. it will become a monthly event so if i am lucky i can hitch on for that to quickly find other venues as well. i am pretty excited about it. i missed all my usual craft shows up in portland this season :( hopefully this makes up a little!

for the show i am keeping it gifty: more fabric magnets and pendants, along with my best selling vintage post earrings for saturday along with a selection of scarves and scarflettes. it should be a really good time, too. i am pleased with everything so far...i think it will be a good day!

if you are in the greater sacramento area, come downtown to buy local handmade goods this holiday. and of course, come give me a high five!