Thursday, August 21, 2008


A LOT has been going on for me on a personal level these past two weeks. i don't even know where to start and don't really feel like getting into it again. my mom is sick, really sick. it is a mind-fuck. everything else seems so petty, but after getting back from going back home to see her i realize i have to keep everything normal for the girls. we will probably be going back down sooner than later, and thank god i have siblings who are kicking ass with the care for her. it is the down-side to being far away from "home", not being "there" to pitch in like i would like to. shawn has been so wonderful during this whole thing--i have never been so happy to see him than i was the night i got back. it means the world to me to have a partner who is so compassionate and caring as he is. i feel like breaking out in with the song "nobody does it better"....

but around neverfeltbetter headquarters, it is business as usual. some good sales and a custom order have kept me busy. i went to the yarn shop, and cleaned up my workspace for some sewing. my sleep mask got all stretched out by lucy so i made myself one, that serves as the prototype for some i plan to sell for holiday. these are made from vintage pillow cases and have some quilting, too. very cute, eh? and boy--with traveling and sleep dep...if you don't have one you need to get one asap. hopefully from me, lol!

things are crazy, but that is life, huh? and again, i thank the universe for shawn. i could not do this without the honest support i recieve from him. i am a lucky girl....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


when the livin's easy...

well enough with the crazy moody weather! today it is creeping up to the triple digits, then cooling off for the weekend in the 70's. it is a wonder with the rain last week, now the sweat-looking forward to cooling down we all aren't stricken with summer colds. i think my immune system is working overtime with my thyroid-the cold/hot/cold-and germy people gallor.

well, neverfeltbetter has the cure...a free shipping coupon code! "summertime" upon checkout will get you free shipping through the month. now, don't you feel better already? :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wii, tea & me.

we stumbled upon a wii yesterday in the gamestore and went ahead and gave it a new home here with us :) i am working on my virtual backhand in tennis gearing up for real life--got a racket and am ready to go at the tennis court down the way! i figure i can serve it up to shawn and lyric while lucy chases the balls. ha! anyway the wii is a big hit, and i am glad we picked one up--even by happy accident. i won't be seeing too much of shawn as he has his new metroid girlfriend to occupy his time LOL.

today is my friday, and it could not come a single moment earlier. it was a weird week, to say it delicately. it was one of those weeks where the weathers mood swung from sunny to rainy, throwing me for a huge mental loop. i also had some family health scares to contend with, but all considering i am doing just fine. alittle out of it and spacey, but fine. my mind is a million miles away, you know how it can be when you worry about those you love.

to combat this, i am crocheting more baby hats. working on a dusty pink one as we type. finished up a green and cream striped job last night, and my goal is to have three more by next weekend. crafty wonderland is on the 10th, so i have time for a few more items but then it is just working with what i have. hopefully i can do double duty on monday when i go to scapegoat for the rest of my coloring on my tattoo, i can sneak into herbivore and see michelle to sell some stuff. :)

well, back to this lucious cup of tea. it is vanilla spice, extra energy, it says. it does have a kick and the flavor is divine. then my little virtual wii mee is going to kick ass in tennis :)