Tuesday, June 05, 2012

when one door closes...

another one opens...IT'S TRUE.

so after freaking out a little about being "unemployed" i did a little job hunting.  turns out, after applying for a demo position with wayfare i got the job!  it's PT and i have some freedom to set my own hours depending on what the chains/markets need, but i do know that i will be very busy all about northern california.  

one of the best things about this work is that the company observes the sabbath, so from friday afternoon to sunday morning i will never work.  that leaves time for pop up shows, craft shows and other events.  SEE HOW EVERYTHING WORKS OUT?  in retail and many other fields weekend work is mandatory.  so you can imagine how lovely this really is for me and nfb.

so if you follow this blog and you are in the northern california area--starting with sacramento, i will let you know when you can stop in for samples and buy some product.  here's a secret:  they are rolling out an deluxe ice cream line by the end of summer/early fall and if it's anything like the cheeze spreads it will be totally delicious.  i can't wait to check it out...mmm.....*drools*.

PS remember those crocheted chicken egg cozy i made a while back for harvest home?  i made a CAT VERSION.  that's right.  for my inner cat lady, who envisions cats hatching eggs.  there's nothing crazy about that, right?  naaaaaaw. 

Friday, June 01, 2012

rabbit rabbit

she is in my kitchen now!  

now, dry your eyes and come see us at born free usa's "off the wall" party celebrating their new office mural and it's all vegan!  look at all the rad vendors.  i am going to drool over the marty may vinyl stuff :)