Thursday, September 29, 2011

nfb2.0 is coming!

the time is FLYING by!  only a few weeks ago i was counting down 8, 7, 6 weeks now it's moving into the days category and i am um...kind of freaking out about it.  this is happening!

smile shawn!  i should have counted down so he could flash his pearlies lol

little window above the front door.  the windows are boarded and covered in plastic...

shawn is measuring our new front windows for me. 

i am secretly freaking out!

new storefront.  the landlords love these earth-tones in all of their buildings around town!
 we are shooting for the soft opening mid oct.  please visit again to find out what's the newest info...and if you haven't already friended us on FACEBOOK i am on there a whole bunch (probably too much lol) and it's even more complete with what's going on at never felt better HQ.  :)  wish me luck that i don't have a nervous breakdown before we open our doors! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday lunch with the fosnights

we try to visit our loving hut (formerly known as au lac vegetarian) which is a stone's throw away from our house, on a regular basis.  we love these guys, and urge you to visit them regularly too to ensure they thrive! i have already reviewed their restaurant HERE at our food blog before they became a loving hut. in my opinion the food is consistent, fast and delicious and the service wonderful.  (and their week-day lunch special is the best price in town!)

today it was just shawn, lucy and i (lyric was on her way back from santa cruz, lucky girl!).  and for a while we had the whole place to ourselves, but then it picked up for a sunday lunch :)

someone is ready for her lunch!

lucy n me

apple juice is the preferred beverage
what's that lurking in the shadows?  a shawn monster!

broccoli tofu, made spicy for shawn :)

mongolian wonder for moi

lucy is a plain noodle kinda gal
with all the chaos and anxiety of being a shop owner and life in general, sometimes it's nice to just get back to basics with a good meal, family and of course taking pictures of my food! and with this being "crunch time"  i want to sock as much into this time as i possibly can...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

animal place: music in the meadows

we are happy to announce we are tabling at animal place's music in the meadows saturday, oct 8th 1-5pm.  if you are like us and have been wanting to check out animal place but haven't done so yet, check this event out!  a lovely fall day to celebrate the good folk at AP and did you see the vegan who's who speakers, musicians and vendors?  we are so happy to be able to spend the day with such great company. 

that first week of oct will be a busy one for us at nfb headquarters...we are shooting for a mid-oct soft open and it's making me CRAZY!  i can't wait to be back in business doing what we love most, in our new location!  so we will be promoting heavily from here on out, especially at the AP event.  SEE YOU THERE!  


Sunday, September 04, 2011

vendors redux

to continue the excitement of the upcoming shop opening and what you can expect...i give you:

max and ruffy's vegan and organic dog treats are a far cry from the nasty animal product-laden dog treats of yesteryear.  with our omni furry friends i figure if it's not human grade and looking like something i wouldn't put in my mouth, it's not good enough for our little pals.  our dogs are on a vegan v-dog diet so why wouldn't we give their treats the same consideration?  with names like:  Five-Star Blueberry (Grain Free),  Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa ( Grain Free), and The Kelp Highway: Butternut Squash & Kelp (Grain Free) they make the perfect snack for your vegan companion.  we also sell sample packs if you want to try before you buy, or to take on the go!
so many good flavors for your furry friends, get one of each!

bird mafia is another favorite of ours.  based out of the monterey and half of the in-test mode vegan candy co vegan sweet cups , she has managed to produce some of the cutest hand screened stuffies and patches we have ever seen!  don't you agree?

 there are more ways than this to put a bird on it, but these patches are a simple way to begin :)

stay tuned for more sneaky peeks this upcoming weeks including more vegan tree wool, and anapple for kids!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

upcoming vendors:

i am able to secure some quality vendors if i don't say so myself.  i love buying for the store, and the rewards are so immediate.  sometimes the bombs are so painful but since life is learning, you mark down those stinkers and don't make that mistake again! the trick is to make those few and far between :)

one new line i have admired from facebook afar for a while now is chicago's ethically engineered.  i love to support all vegan companies when possible and these guys are the real deal to veganism plus their commitment to being earth-friendly.  i am so proud to be able to provide their line...i know you will love them for and not only for the men in your life.  i think you will be stealing their shampoo and conditioning no-bottle bars.  and possibly the razor sets lol.  
gear head no bottle shampoo and conditioning bars

deluxe shaving kit with old growth wood box!

 the vegan men folk are going to love their selections this fall and holiday season, that is for sure.

we will also continue to carry the vegan collection and offer their best-selling belts, wallets and clutches.  oh and that vegan slayer tee?  loving it, and so do our customers!
the captain belt

amelia clutch, ladies

i slay vegetables tee shirt.
the armstrong tri-fold

next, bread and badger made me some custom pint glasses with the vegan heart which turned out to be a huge seller for us.  this year we are doing more pint glasses, along with mugs and some recycled colored glass ware that are pretty awesome if i don't say so myself.  they will look like these but with the vegan heart hand sand-blasted into the glass.  awesome!  perfect for gift-giving to yourself or others :)
vegan pint glasses just for us!
i think these recycled colored glass pieces are beautiful.  i think you will too!
these will have the vegan heart logo--they're awesome!
 next post:  bird mafia, held belts, and max & ruffy's vegan organic dog treats!  plus maybe a bit more inspiration for the shop.  it's getting exciting for us over here at never felt better headquarters.  i am done being depressed about not having the shop, and i am ready to come back with a vengeance :)