Tuesday, June 05, 2012

when one door closes...

another one opens...IT'S TRUE.

so after freaking out a little about being "unemployed" i did a little job hunting.  turns out, after applying for a demo position with wayfare i got the job!  it's PT and i have some freedom to set my own hours depending on what the chains/markets need, but i do know that i will be very busy all about northern california.  

one of the best things about this work is that the company observes the sabbath, so from friday afternoon to sunday morning i will never work.  that leaves time for pop up shows, craft shows and other events.  SEE HOW EVERYTHING WORKS OUT?  in retail and many other fields weekend work is mandatory.  so you can imagine how lovely this really is for me and nfb.

so if you follow this blog and you are in the northern california area--starting with sacramento, i will let you know when you can stop in for samples and buy some product.  here's a secret:  they are rolling out an deluxe ice cream line by the end of summer/early fall and if it's anything like the cheeze spreads it will be totally delicious.  i can't wait to check it out...mmm.....*drools*.

PS remember those crocheted chicken egg cozy i made a while back for harvest home?  i made a CAT VERSION.  that's right.  for my inner cat lady, who envisions cats hatching eggs.  there's nothing crazy about that, right?  naaaaaaw. 

Friday, June 01, 2012

rabbit rabbit

she is in my kitchen now!  

now, dry your eyes and come see us at born free usa's "off the wall" party celebrating their new office mural and it's all vegan!  look at all the rad vendors.  i am going to drool over the marty may vinyl stuff :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

sad news for sacramento!

sad news for sacramento, we are closing our store front on P st.  it's been a hard three months--even with all the events we have tried to do our sales have just gone down down down.  when you are so micro-small like we were every sale counts towards overhead and when you can't make your overhead that's not good business.  

we have made the happy decision to go back to being an on-line venue and vending at the veg fests, craft shows and popup shops around northern california to broaden our horizons a bit and get back to being the care-free vegan family we once were.  

as of 5/31/12 the shop is closed, but i am working on the website adding items and working with calico dragon bags carrying her entire line plus more vendors TBA.  if you can support us in that way we thank you!  

*more info to come, please stay tuned!  


Sunday, May 20, 2012

3rd saturday wrap-up!

the 3rd saturday of every month is bunny adoption day at never felt better via our friends harvest home animal sanctuary 1-5pm.  yesterday not only did we get to pet and squeeze bunnies to our fill with HH, we had the wonderful work of bitchin' bakesale and born free usa tabling out front!  it was a sloooow day but they raised about $200 for born free w/ a bit for harvest home even!  we had a bunch of delicious treats from BB, and we hope they come back soon :)

enjoy some photos from our day, with new vintage from mamafabun and other new items you can find here at the shop.  we thank you for your support so we can do outreach events like these regularly!

see you next month for june's bunny adoption, and also events TBA.  support your local vegan owned business.  if you are out of the area, check out neverfeltbettervegan.com THANK YOU! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012


even though every day is meatless mondays at nfb, we are happy to now be open mondays 11-2 to host local food truck wicked 'wich for their all vegan menu out front!  they usually offer a few vegan options, but we are happy to encourage businesses that want to cater to the vegan population and participate in meatless mondays.  stop by and grab some lunch to go or stay a while at the tables out front of the shop and inside :)  and hey, buy something.  support your local vegan business!  
our first MM was a success!  people were lined up and ready to eat :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

spring gala/silent auction for harvest home!

our silent auction and spring gala for HARVEST HOME animal sanctuary was yesterday and it was so much fun, and a real treat to raise funds for the animals who reside there!  we hope to have many more events for HH, we really love and respect their work.  i believe they are in need of volunteers/interns if you are in the area and interested in learning more about their non-profit organization and the good work they do.  

bid bid bid!

cute shoppers :)

available now in the shop, prints of the inhabitants of harvest home, looking cute as hell...

happy bidding!

refreshments were served!

we don't think the lip balms are vegan but it was a nice gift basket from dr. bronners! 

that's mama fabun, purveyor of all our lovely vintage!

cross stitch by miss muffcake, won by MOI. 

oodles of baskets from oodles of rad companies.  thanks to them all!
special thanks to alternative baking company, herbivore clothing co, dr. bronners, bicycle baking co, the vegan collection, and so many local artists and friends for donating their time and art!  i know i am missing people so i will link to lil'monsters blog with the full THANK YOU REPORT when it comes available.  also big thanks to beth m. of lil' monsters pet care who took the time to put this on for us and harvest home!  we will miss beth when she moves to SF...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

nacheez 1 year anniversary party

we had a fun event at the shop last night:  nacheez vegan nacho sauce had its one year anniversary party and we got to host it :) CHEERS to ilsa and may she have many more anniversary parties at NFB! 

*'ed pictures are courtesy of robert w of the sac vegan society.  

*who are these crazy people?  :))

meeting the gal of the hour!

*happy nacheez friends & customers!

*ilsa's helpers amy & rae

*linda m. and ilsa

deluxe nacheez nachos with cubed seitan from emma's tamales!

Friday, March 09, 2012

*vegan food drive*

from now through march 31 at 4pm we are the drop off location for harvest home's effort to collect vegan dry goods to benefit the stockton/san joaquin valley food banks.  let's show how food banks can easily stock animal product-free goods that are compassionate to both animals and humans.  

you will find a big box at the entryway of NFB, so please go through those pantries or pick up a little extra the next time you are grocery shopping for those in need.  humans are animals too!  :)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

*mostly wordless saturday, hen benefit edition*

we know how to throw a bakesale!
pinups, over-sized corn-men and a line down the block!

setting up...






over $500 was raised today for harvest home animal sanctuary, and renewed my appreciation for our vegan community.  thanks for coming out today and loading up on some terrific baked goods!  we were truly blown away with the bakers who donated their time and money to make such wonderful treats.  you are all the best!