Thursday, May 31, 2012

sad news for sacramento!

sad news for sacramento, we are closing our store front on P st.  it's been a hard three months--even with all the events we have tried to do our sales have just gone down down down.  when you are so micro-small like we were every sale counts towards overhead and when you can't make your overhead that's not good business.  

we have made the happy decision to go back to being an on-line venue and vending at the veg fests, craft shows and popup shops around northern california to broaden our horizons a bit and get back to being the care-free vegan family we once were.  

as of 5/31/12 the shop is closed, but i am working on the website adding items and working with calico dragon bags carrying her entire line plus more vendors TBA.  if you can support us in that way we thank you!  

*more info to come, please stay tuned!