Wednesday, January 21, 2009

neglected blog alert

i have been ignoring this blog, partially on purpose-partially not. for those close to me, you know my mother passed away on new years eve and i have been really battling grief these past few weeks. it comes in waves, but when it does it is more like a tsunami and i am working hard at working through it all with the right amount of perpective. i have a lot of work to do, yet. the whole she left in my life larger than life at the moment.

it is affecting my work, my drive, my goals for
but i am working through it, as i said. i have more than enough stock and have been doing custom work here and there. there is another coming up on february 7th that i will be there for sure (i missed january's--i just could not make it under the circumstances) and i am really excited to be "back" in the craft show circuit.

look forward to some springy accessories there and on line, like my vegan bird fascinators
and some new crocheted items, as well! lots of tile and soldered pendants, too. if all goes well this spring, i am hoping to do a site re-launch with a new NFB look and feel to the website by fall-09. it is just so pricey! i almost had a heart attack at the quote, but from the gals who do my work it is totally worth every penny.

thanks to anyone who takes time to read my blog, and the support i have received from friends since the first of the year. NFB may be a tad neglected for the moment, but i am going to come back strong and better than ever for 2009!