Friday, July 29, 2011

indiegogo is a GO GO!

this is what i like to call vegan fundraising redux!  the kinder, gentler campaign...where we break down our goals into more realistic bite-sized pieces.  indiegogo is a fundraising platform where small projects of most kinds can be created and even if you don't meet your goal amount you still get to keep the money!  snap.  i wish i would have known about them before the kickstarter but hey, live and learn. 

here's mine! 

so if you have a spare moment, check out this lil' thang here where we basically have the financing for our move etc but would just love a little bit more so we can advertise properly, get our website to a place it needs to be and make sure that our customers near and far know we have moved to a totally upgraded situation that is a WIN-WIN for everyone.  also we want to offer some coffee and bagels/pastry too while we work hard to bring the nacho bar to reality too.  

help us keep midtown vegan!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

what's new?

mamafabun's vintage handiwork adorns our walls

vintage aprons, baby clothes, swimsuits and more...
i am happy to have some pretty new lines in the shop!

hemp bags, wallets, dog collars and leashes by stephen doyle

old favorites that are our best sellers

this is our last month on kst.  details on where to find us in an upcoming post! we are doing a website upgrade as well, to reflect our growth...all exciting and scary stuff...please stay tuned!

in the meantime, you should know that we have a new vintage section by mamafabun including clothes for women, children and housewares.  i am talking pyrex and other vintage you need for your kitchen as well as around the house.  we welcome honor with her keen vegan eye and love of vintage.  check in often to see what is new with her stock!

also, we will be carrying treewool vegan knitware in the new location! you won't believe the quality and style packed into these handmade treasures made by kristen, another rocking vegan friend from SF.  i am pretty sure we will be the only place locally you can get this line since it's brand spanking new, and i couldn't be more pleased.

for the vegan shorties in our lives we are also going to be carrying anaaple also a local sacramento veggie.  her shop doesn't have enough vegan themed stuff for my taste lol, so she will be making some designs just for us!  toddler tees and hoodies, infant onesies and bibs will be available at the new shop location!  we know we are the only place to get her stuff locally, especially anywhere near midtown and we are happy to have her.  
photo from anaapple's etsy shop!  cute!!!
 thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the shop soon.