Monday, March 31, 2008

honest work for honest pay

week two of work, and so far it has been very mellow! saturday i had one phone call and a ton to file and update on teh 'puter so i was busy for most of the day-thankfully. hopefully the next few weeks will allow for more phone action and showing apartments to hopeful applicants.

in NFB world, i finally got to the stained glass store for some better solder but i think my cheap-assed soldering iron is crapping out. time for the mega-upgrade, but the really really nice ones are $$spendy$$. but worth it! today, through etsy i got a custom order for some soldered stuff--a ring and a pendant made into the shape of a cross. hmmmm. it is time for me to do my own glass cutting...this maybe the start of a new thing for me! cutting your own glass is a crucial part of stained glass making and i do have some ideas for some of that so this was a timely request i would be happy to fulfill. :))))

i also crocheted a little mini-scarf last night with some groovy vintage yarn i thrifted. i consider them mini, since they are 50". i love the color combo on the scarf--wish they had more of the same and i am now on the look out!

HAPPY MONDAY, y'all. i am enjoying my "day off" with laundry--woot and woo.

Friday, March 28, 2008


i started my job yesterday and it kicked my ass! this morning i am waiting for the snow to stop (it looks so pretty out my window) before i get going on today's work. i kinda like being my own boss and being able to just get stuff done when it needs to rather than being micromanaged over my shoulder. plus let's face it, i am not a morning person, so late morning is way better for me. i had to be at the corporate office by 8 this week already for riveting videos on mold and fair housing. trust me nothing is riveting at 8am for me anymore!

so along with the several crochet projects i started then frogged out of pure frustration...i did manage to make some pendants with some great vintage leopard print fabric i found stashed away with my stuff. so, i am listing these in hopes someone will like them too! i made myself one, ha!

HAPPY FRIDAY, and i hope you have a lovely weekend. i get to get some supplies for real and sit down and really make a gang of pendants for my stores. more info on them when the orders are out but i have herbivore, union rose, tender loving empire and motokitty on the burner right now. :) so, supplies are way in order! i hope your weekend is fun AND productive....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

catching up!

playing catch up from last week, the weekend and yesterday. it never ends ha ha!

the best up shot from last weeks interviews was i got the job! i even have a fancy-title of assistant manager. :) so, tomorrow is training and there are two more classes i have to go through on fair housing and law. good to know, good to know. don't want to break any laws now...this whole opportunity was a streak of good luck that i am hoping continues well into the spring. good things happen when i let always works out that way.

over the weekend we took the girls to see horton hears a who and it was cute! lucy sat through it and only needed a lobby break one time. she liked the elephant, so it was a win-win.

tonight adrienne is coming by and we are going to foster her sisters little dog until we can find him a great home. i would keep him myself because he is just so effing cute, but we are at dog capacity and he will be needing some hip surgery in the near future. little toy breeds often develop problems due to breeding, and his is a bone/joint issue. poor little guy! we will do our best to find him the best home on the planet! i know i will be taking a zillion pictures of him with our pups...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

interview #2

interview number two is (edit*** i said tomorrow but it is really thursday!!! duh i don't even know what day it is)...wish me luck. i almost did a spit take when she said "come down to our corporate office" and corporate are like oil and water. but whateves. such is the way of the world nowadays. lucky for me this job won't seem like a job and will be so effing worth it. i think i can handle a few office hours on saturdays,, at least i hope i can handle it ha ha! best thing is i can crochet on the job :) snap! i had to consume mass quantities of coffee this morning from the shitty sleep over this whole interview thing. i just want the job--you know? i don't want all this pomp and circumstance. if i told you the "duties" you would laugh with me, i know it!

because of this job we are looking to trade in our beater for a subaru forrester that is a good deal plus has the fabric package (no leather, yay!). i have never driven a 4 wheel drive car before, but i am all game! if i got a newer more reliable car i would be day tripping like a mother fucker. i love driving and exploring. i know north and central california pretty damned well, but have yet explore northern portland. i want to drive to the coast and day camp at the beach. yum! :)))))))))) well, so that is just a thought right now, hopefully things will fall into place.

things usually do, if i don't think about them too much. i wonder why that is?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

albatross! get it on a stick!

that is monty python's comedic genius, not mine i have to admit. and we don't eat giant sea birds here. however i do have them grace cute little mini-clutches from time to time :) the weather is very bi-polar, with it raining while there were blue skies and sunshine to the deluge of water worthy of building an arc--all in the same hour! it is totally funky. i love it. then while we were sitting listening to some neil young on album (after the gold rush if you need some good music to listen to right about now....) i had the sudden--almost lightening fast craving for spaghetti factory. we used to go all the time back in sacramento and i forgot there is one here. all we can eat is the spaghetti, bread and salad but it was just as comforting as i remember it to be. it reminds me of kelley--she loved that place and the girls loved to sit in the little train car on the inside. memories! anyway, that was fun and i am stuffed with pasta. yay!

i got a call back for the second job interview and missed the call so i won't know until monday when they would like to see me. she mentioned monday in her message but i need a day to procure sitting for the girls. i am really stoked--this job would be a fucking cake walk. it won't even seem like a job to be honest.
wish me luck!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

come back sun! come back!

yesterday was sooo nice compared to today. even though it could be a thousand times worse this drizzle is just.....drizzly. i miss the sunshine.

i love you portland. you and your wacky weather.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the J word

it's the "J" word...j-o-b. i stumbled upon a seriously great opportunity that won't really feel like work since i stay home to make stuff and work with the girls. i had my first interview today and i think i have it in the bag, baby. it is part time to the maximum and will help out the money situation so like for example-i wanted to buy new business cards i could...or tags i could...or supplies i could...yeah. nothing will change on the nfb front other than hopefully i will rock even harder this spring.

i have been working on a few things in the mean time such as another headband and a owl stuffie with lavender. i need more button parts and a few more supplies that would make life awesome...including getting my sewing machine fixed up properly. i scoped out the sewing machine center for how much, but much like a car they need to diagnosis the problem first. getting her back up and running is pretty much on top of my list of needs/wants right now. it is serious people! my work space is finally unpacked. i just need one more storage system and i will be set up! moving is a lot of work with all these kids, pets and peoples junk. next time it is movers for sure.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

busy bee buzzzzz

finishing touches on the final move, mostly stuff going to our storage last minute. can. not. wait. to be finished with everything in regards to the old house. this week will be a weight off my shoulders just for that alone. the past week has been a busy, productive week--etsy sales picked up, as for my site and i have some renewed vigor for beginning some new pieces.

i finished another headband, and got the custom photo soldered pendants finished and sent out. (on a side note i have a new and spiffy post office that is quite near--we drove by and dropped off some outgoing mail to check it out yesterday--there are a few really neat features of our new neighborhood we are loving checking out. like the golf course and the trails and hills. so cool to explore...)

i fell in love with my bike again, as we moved it over here...all it needs is a chain and a new rim since shawn converted it to single speed :) i can't wait for those family bike rides to come. i am craving spring!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


it is a *chilly* start to this morning! at least it is dry-ish and has potential. this morning has been all about hot tea, oatmeal and lucy's luscious lips gloppy with lip gloss. the kid has a uh...fascination with chapsticks, lip glosses and makeup in general. many a time i have caught her with my good mascara attempting to apply. :)

i finished up a head band, all cotton with a matching 1.25" vintage fabric button. it is 1.5" wide and over 20" long not counting the ties. it goes past your ears, and could tame even the most unruly dreads or dress up the shortest of hair. i am working on another one with little nubbys for texture. like a modern day tiara for the non-princess.

my feet are freezing and i have to locate my ugly fuzzy socks i wear around the house. i have instituted a "NO shoes past the front door" rule and shawn is all excited to wear his vato house shoes. i think i will crochet me some ballerina slippers or mary-janes...the girls are the barefeet type and the dogs have stayed exceptionally clean since we have moved. maybe this carpet has a chance ha ha!

happy tuesday!

Monday, March 03, 2008

shame motivates me

i just got off the phone with my mother, who was talking this morning with her 90-something year old sister in wyoming. she, by 11am her time had already baked a pasta dish for supper, hand made bread loafs and beiroks (roll with cooked cabbage and meat or in our case soy crumbles inside), made a cabbage soup to freeze plus a strawberry tart. and the dishes she made all morning long.

uh yeah when i was talking to my mom i was on my second cup of coffee just contemplating what the hell to do with my life. :) so, i finished up some listings and am myself geared up for an afternoon errand run. after i talked to my mom i felt like a bum so i did crochet a head band that just needs one more tie and some lining. not surprisingly i *still* feel like a bum ha ha. well, one step at a time!

*new soldered pendants and a seagull necklace series both on
and also
the etsy shop

happy monday!!!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

can't. stop. 'til. i. get. enough.

i am just going to have to commit to hand sewing some stuff in the upcoming week, i just cannot stop thinking about my sewing machine being on the fritz :( i have so many ideas, but luckily most of them can be accomplished with somewhat labor intensive.

i finished a few more pendants, one more of the seagull series of necklaces. the rest are pendants. also, i crocheted a new hair band for myself which i think i can recreate pretty easily and most importantly, pretty cute ha ha.

we were at the old house today cleaning getting the storage situation under control. lucky we have through next weekend to get it all sorted out. and lucky we have a friend who is letting us store out basement and outside stuff in her garage for free. i didn't want to have to rent another truck, but i think one more day with one would be all it would take, since we have storage here as well. i cannot wait until well into next week when this is all a memory :) and hopefully the weather is just as nice as it has been this past week. that has been helping this whole thing like crazy. i can't tell you how many midnight, rainy moves i have done. it all pretty much sucks unless you have movers :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

oh snap, really?

i actually made stuff today! hold the phone you heard that right. see, i was really frustrated that i could not fix my sewing machine and figured i just really need to have it fixed by a pro. so, my depression over that led me to the thrift store that led me to the package of vintage paper place mats with seagulls all over them. snappity snap snap! i am making a necklace series based on them since they are so flipping rad. double sided, jonathan seagull on one side, fluffy clouds or frothy sea on the other. i also made a head scarf for my bad hair days, a protype for what is to come in the shop :)

it was a nice day all around, especially the vegan sloppy joes. recipe taken from the veganomicon, highly recommended.