Tuesday, March 04, 2008


it is a *chilly* start to this morning! at least it is dry-ish and has potential. this morning has been all about hot tea, oatmeal and lucy's luscious lips gloppy with lip gloss. the kid has a uh...fascination with chapsticks, lip glosses and makeup in general. many a time i have caught her with my good mascara attempting to apply. :)

i finished up a head band, all cotton with a matching 1.25" vintage fabric button. it is 1.5" wide and over 20" long not counting the ties. it goes past your ears, and could tame even the most unruly dreads or dress up the shortest of hair. i am working on another one with little nubbys for texture. like a modern day tiara for the non-princess.

my feet are freezing and i have to locate my ugly fuzzy socks i wear around the house. i have instituted a "NO shoes past the front door" rule and shawn is all excited to wear his vato house shoes. i think i will crochet me some ballerina slippers or mary-janes...the girls are the barefeet type and the dogs have stayed exceptionally clean since we have moved. maybe this carpet has a chance ha ha!

happy tuesday!