Tuesday, March 18, 2008

interview #2

interview number two is (edit*** i said tomorrow but it is really thursday!!! duh i don't even know what day it is)...wish me luck. i almost did a spit take when she said "come down to our corporate office"...me and corporate are like oil and water. but whateves. such is the way of the world nowadays. lucky for me this job won't seem like a job and will be so effing worth it. i think i can handle a few office hours on saturdays, er...um, at least i hope i can handle it ha ha! best thing is i can crochet on the job :) snap! i had to consume mass quantities of coffee this morning from the shitty sleep over this whole interview thing. i just want the job--you know? i don't want all this pomp and circumstance. if i told you the "duties" you would laugh with me, i know it!

because of this job we are looking to trade in our beater for a subaru forrester that is a good deal plus has the fabric package (no leather, yay!). i have never driven a 4 wheel drive car before, but i am all game! if i got a newer more reliable car i would be day tripping like a mother fucker. i love driving and exploring. i know north and central california pretty damned well, but have yet explore northern portland. i want to drive to the coast and day camp at the beach. yum! :)))))))))) well, so that is just a thought right now, hopefully things will fall into place.

things usually do, if i don't think about them too much. i wonder why that is?