Saturday, March 15, 2008

albatross! get it on a stick!

that is monty python's comedic genius, not mine i have to admit. and we don't eat giant sea birds here. however i do have them grace cute little mini-clutches from time to time :) the weather is very bi-polar, with it raining while there were blue skies and sunshine to the deluge of water worthy of building an arc--all in the same hour! it is totally funky. i love it. then while we were sitting listening to some neil young on album (after the gold rush if you need some good music to listen to right about now....) i had the sudden--almost lightening fast craving for spaghetti factory. we used to go all the time back in sacramento and i forgot there is one here. all we can eat is the spaghetti, bread and salad but it was just as comforting as i remember it to be. it reminds me of kelley--she loved that place and the girls loved to sit in the little train car on the inside. memories! anyway, that was fun and i am stuffed with pasta. yay!

i got a call back for the second job interview and missed the call so i won't know until monday when they would like to see me. she mentioned monday in her message but i need a day to procure sitting for the girls. i am really stoked--this job would be a fucking cake walk. it won't even seem like a job to be honest.
wish me luck!