Friday, March 28, 2008


i started my job yesterday and it kicked my ass! this morning i am waiting for the snow to stop (it looks so pretty out my window) before i get going on today's work. i kinda like being my own boss and being able to just get stuff done when it needs to rather than being micromanaged over my shoulder. plus let's face it, i am not a morning person, so late morning is way better for me. i had to be at the corporate office by 8 this week already for riveting videos on mold and fair housing. trust me nothing is riveting at 8am for me anymore!

so along with the several crochet projects i started then frogged out of pure frustration...i did manage to make some pendants with some great vintage leopard print fabric i found stashed away with my stuff. so, i am listing these in hopes someone will like them too! i made myself one, ha!

HAPPY FRIDAY, and i hope you have a lovely weekend. i get to get some supplies for real and sit down and really make a gang of pendants for my stores. more info on them when the orders are out but i have herbivore, union rose, tender loving empire and motokitty on the burner right now. :) so, supplies are way in order! i hope your weekend is fun AND productive....