Tuesday, April 28, 2009

never felt better? me too!

i love spring--our backyard is coming along nicely, the weather keeps you guessing, bike rides are a priority...

renewed hope and a good attitude is what i am running on right now! i have a couple craft/art shows on the horizon (more to come as info comes to me) and a new line of glass tile pendants and magnet sets that has me really excited. i have had some custom work here and there (working on a pair of fingerless gloves for chilly east-coasters and custom photo soldered pendants) and that has been keeping me busy between orders and shows. also scaling back on the child care i was doing during the week and having my preschooler start this next week is really making me happy and giving me a new lease on craft! LOL. i am planning a real attack on the shops around town, and already have a line on one so i feel pretty great about all that.

soon i will be back to the busy bee self i have grown to know and love. it has been a few months now since losing mom and i know she would not want me to be using her as an excuse for anything--business or personal. i have to get back my MOJO!

take a look at some new pendants/magnets up now on the site now. i hope you think they are as cute as i do! i can also make them into a soldered version but i am digging on the glass tile look on these. expect some new day of the dead art skulls, too. i sold the last big one in november and got the itch to do some painting last week so one is waiting to be finished. they are so fun to make :)