Monday, June 09, 2008


usually i don't love to rush the ending of the weekend to the beginning of the week, but i am glad the weekend is behind me! it was really hectic with craftywonderland and finagling (did i spell that right?) family stuff too but it was fun, a bit slow, but fun. today my interview came out and i have received some kind words about it. check it out, and feel free to make fun of me rambling and making little sense LOL.

today i am kinda feeling tired and crapped out with a lot of work to do around the house but i am hopeful to get it all knocked out so i can sit down and list some of the seagull brooches that didn't sell yesterday. :)

ps my hair isn't purple it was the stage lights. but wouldn't it be cute if it was? ;p

Thursday, June 05, 2008

please come visit me here!

i am starting to get a tad nervous about the whole thing, just like old times! craftywonderland in portland know you want to come see! :)

in other good news today, i did an interview with sister diane of DIY alert, and it will come out on monday in the pdx profile section plus another blurb in the regular newsletter. uh...this is rad! i will link when it comes out, of course and i will be very proud. that is if i don't sound too dorky in print LOL!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

don't put it off any longer!

this was my battle cry for last night, as i realized i am a smart-assed punk who thinks it is ok to cruise through and pull it out at the last minute. i am referring to getting ready for this sundays of course. i admitted this late yesterday afternoon and kinda laughed about it, but then had a AHA moment of no wonder things are like they are half the time--i SLACK! so, after locking up around the apartments at eight last night i summoned some energy and pulled out the whole of my stock--tagged and bagged what i was bringing (also making me have an AHA moment about slimming down and only concentrating on what really works for me in the shop--i have a lot of crap that is just sitting around!) and all that i have left to do is hand print out prices. also i need to make sure my display/table stuff is in one place. doing this made me realize I AM OUT OF BUSINESS CARDS and don't have time to reorder online. but at least i know now and not friday night trying to scramble to print out some myself or some shit.

well i guess the moral of this story is i can't blame mental fogginess and complete exhaustion on my procrastination problem--i have been like this forever. but it is time for a change!

pictured above are some finished seagull brooches. they are about 4 inches long and made from vintage fabric scraps :)