Tuesday, June 03, 2008

don't put it off any longer!

this was my battle cry for last night, as i realized i am a smart-assed punk who thinks it is ok to cruise through and pull it out at the last minute. i am referring to getting ready for this sundays craftywonderland.com of course. i admitted this late yesterday afternoon and kinda laughed about it, but then had a AHA moment of no wonder things are like they are half the time--i SLACK! so, after locking up around the apartments at eight last night i summoned some energy and pulled out the whole of my stock--tagged and bagged what i was bringing (also making me have an AHA moment about slimming down and only concentrating on what really works for me in the shop--i have a lot of crap that is just sitting around!) and all that i have left to do is hand print out prices. also i need to make sure my display/table stuff is in one place. doing this made me realize I AM OUT OF BUSINESS CARDS and don't have time to reorder online. but at least i know now and not friday night trying to scramble to print out some myself or some shit.

well i guess the moral of this story is i can't blame mental fogginess and complete exhaustion on my procrastination problem--i have been like this forever. but it is time for a change!

pictured above are some finished seagull brooches. they are about 4 inches long and made from vintage fabric scraps :)