Wednesday, May 28, 2008


happy wednesday. i am kinda grumpy the old man i am i broke something pulling out all the patio furniture for the pool area today. grrr that stuff looked light, but must have been made from Adamantium or something. and i should have asked for help, but i didn't. anyway i put the hurt on myself, but i will live i am sure. :)

picked up some needed sewing notions today, such as PINS--something you think you have but you don't when you go to find them, and WHITE THREAD--ditto. going to do some sewing tonight--i am making some fabric seagull brooches and flowers, too. i am digging on the oilcloth i picked up thinking i would use it as a table cloth, but realized it was too busy. not too busy for brooches though, especially paired with different fabrics for the proper juxtaposition. boy, i like saying juxtaposition. say it with me!

again, happy wednesday. try not to break yourself anymore than you already have, and try and get some good sleep. oh wait, that was my internal dialog going on out loud again! for *you* i say keep on rockin...because i know you are in your own way. lol.