Thursday, May 22, 2008

the week in review

today i have already gotten off work, so i am sitting here waiting for my shawn to come home from the airport with his best friend visiting from cleveland with vegan mexican food from the taco truck. it is one of those days already though. i don't feel very good--not a cold or a bug kinda bad--just a bunch of little things. my tummy feels weird- my bellybutton hernia is acting up. yes, i have a hernia. you would too if you had two 9lbs+ babies lol. but, they run in my family and i think i am going to get the repair. i would get my sleek innie belly button back and also it won't get worse with complications. i dunno--i go in on the 20th unless it gets worse and i sneak into urgent care. i remembered weird al's version of 'living with a hernia' and i checked out the youtube. good old weird al! now i am really old because i used to just laugh and laugh at the video thinking ha on old people and their hernia's! blargh.

other than that fun, it has been a busy week. i finished up some orders one of which is featured here: a flock of seagulls lol. this weekend i am picking up the sewing machine adrienne is loaning me to shut me up. hopefully it will only be for a few weeks until i can get mine situated. i keep putting it off, thinking i should repair my old singer but then i see all the cute stitches available on newer machines and i flip flop back. either way i am going to be sewing up a storm very soon, and i can't wait. no more hand-sewing for me :)

shawn is stoked about dave visiting. he has all these skate spots to share and the most excellent vegan places to eat--i hope to steal dave away one of the few vegan bars LOL. i don't think he will be too happy to leave--cleveland is no place for a self respecting vegan nowadays, hee hee. the peer pressure will be great for him to move out west for sure.

well off to continue waiting for lunch. i have laundry to do and the girls room is a pit of doom and despair. yay!