Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my monday, your tuesday.

didn't get the luxury of an extra day off yesterday, since my regular day off is monday anyway. so today, your tuesday, i am having a case of my mondays! i am off work already--jammed and got everything done quickly since we have company and i am trying to allow them to have the most quality time together skate-wise. although i am hoping it is quite a while until the next houseguest...we ate TOO much good food in the last few days! he is vegan too so we felt compelled to wow him with the best portland has to offer. and of course we didn't disappoint. his favorite was the vegan taco truck and since today is his last day he requested it one last time. :) last night i made pizza with the "teese" vegan cheese from foodfight and THAT did not disappoint, either. we have had organic beer and wine, amazing breakfasts and brunches and snacks that made us fat and happy. thank god we don't eat like this all the time! but it is nice to show friends around and brag about all the freaking amazing vegan fare here. we have a vegan mini-mall, after all ;p