Wednesday, May 27, 2009

happy to be crocheting again...

crocheting, soldering...hey i am overly proud of myself for making anything other than a drool puddle on the computer desk lately :) drool puddles aside, it is making me happy to create. my good friend gave me some radical 1980 wrapping paper that is all swirly and colorful--they don't make'em like that anymore. i ended up making double sided soldered pendants that turned out pretty nicely! then, i finished two new pouches. both cotton, the blue and white one is more of a ditty-bag (i love saying DITTY, by the way) and the pretty pinky one is more of a fully lined clutch, decked out with a vintage button closure and vintage fabric button with a darling vintage carrot cab. neat! (i love saying NEAT, too).

i have been noticeably absent on the second saturday/craft show circuit and i am feeling the itch (thank you thank you thank you) but i don't want to act too soon. my brain is mush, i had a hard mothers day without mom and i am juggling a bunch of plates in the air. in the meantime i am going to take it one day at a time, create as the need arises and not be too hard on myself in general. one thing i do notice is the drop off in sales, which is a ego-blow for sure. but i am not really promoting myself other than facebook and twitter, a little myspace now and again. not really much at all, actually. it's my own fault.

i welcome june (my birthday month AND anniversary--FIVE YEARS!!!), it's my favorite month of the year. go gemini's! :)