Wednesday, March 11, 2009

marching on...

well, time marches on even in march. i am making some goals for myself to get out, meet and greet any and all potential wholesale accounts here in sacramento and in the bay area but something always comes up and then i get frustrated at myself for lagging on something SO important. i am doing childcare during the day and would need someone to sub for me, but that is just another excuse i don't need to be giving. i am working on a game plan, since time is of a premium i have to KNOW where i am going for optimal success.

what i do know is that i will be hearing "we don't do wholesale, we are only offering consignment". *sigh*. i think i can talk people into taking the plunge on my soldered pendants. they are gifty, well made and a really great seller for me and other shops in the recent past. i have branched out to making customized photo pendants (thanks to me snoozing at the wheel, some other lucky seller cashed in with mickey roarkes customized dog pendant at the oscars! doh! that should have been me, what in the hell was i doing instead?), and am going to have some good marketing stragedies with those in particular. you have to be smart nowadays...times are tight and people are not so loose with their monies.

other than that i am working on some underground backyard type craft bazaars with a friend of mine here. between the two of us we know all kinds of sellers who are looking for a cheap, but fun and productive venue to sell. :) more details on that to follow.

other than all that, things are great: the girls are settling, the backyard is coming along, i have several starter plants ready to plant and i am doing some pepper seeds in my windowsill as we speak. i cannot wait for the garden! thank dog spring is just around the corner.