Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*sneaky peeks*

oh so retro

bread and badger
fork n spoon

just a few of the types of awesomeness you will find at never felt better {vegan shop} scheduled opening sept 18th, and the website is being worked on so it's "under construction" for the moment--please check back later for the new version!

so, you sly vegan, you...check back for more sneaky peaks to come between now opening :)  {just enough to wet your whistle, eh sacramento?! there's more...so much more...}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

*moving on up...*

new logo w/ text, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

well things are happening over here at nfb central. the move to the new store front is eminent, when the weather cooperates and doesn't give us the promise of a heat stroke in the middle of it! {have i mentioned the shop is in an old victorian...UPstairs with a dinky window AC. and it's been record breaking heat here in the sacramento valley. yeah. so...yeah. the weekend is promising more mild temps that are more conducive to hauling stuff up a flight of steep steps! i also have a cleaning and paint prep CREW now...so i don't have to suffer respiratory distress on top of all the regular stress LOL. again, it's a dusty old victorian. and it hates my lungs right now.}

i have received many new items in the past two days, including a partial food shipment {vegan jerky and candy, anyone?} and some awesome handmade vegan lovelies you had no idea you needed. a metric ton of tee-shirts, with more great stuff on the way. cute brooches, bags, and bath and body items...vegan CONDOMS... everything will be ready and we will have that soft opening by sept 15...second saturday if the weather gods smile upon our faces. {no more hothothot weather, k weather gods? seriously.}

oh and how about the new logo? {i am loving it. i hope you are too.}

Thursday, August 19, 2010

*at the car wash*

at the car wash, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
so i was at the drive-thru car wash, too hot to do the self-serve and there was a ton of bird crap on my black car. {not a good look} i took a bunch of photos, listened to music, enjoyed the lazy, selfish moment.

{just a few notes, hopefully more updates on the shop by the weekend. let's suffice to say that i bought window coverings. and there is no more room in my house for boxes and *stuff*! oh, yea the website is underway...i bought the domain name nfbveganshop.com. catchy, huh?}

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*nfb poppy love*

finished poppies!, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
well, you are looking at the arm of a new midtown sacramento business owner :) finalized the lease conditions today, signed on the dotted line. now i can't run away flailing my arms...i am locked in for one year! {i am only half-kidding about running away, i am going crazy on the details of what has to happen and soon and the idea does occur to me from time to time!}

but as you can see, my never felt better poppies are finished, thanks to our friend mischa. and he also did my middle fingers {my favorite ones of all time}. i can't tell you how good it feels to complete something so dear to me, at a time when i am embarking on something so dear to me. the synchronicity and serendipity abounds. {it's magical}

i hope what merch i have gotten so far is as pleasin' to everyone else as it really is to me. i will have a meager start, but it's a start and every time i hear someone congratulate me earnestly or say how i am living my dream, well that's priceless. {i am living the dream, and it's pretty fucking sweet}

please stay with me when we get in to primer and paint {i am getting closer to picking out the final colors every day but i am not quite there yet} and keep in mind sept 15th is the date for the soft opening. along with the painting and sprucing up of the joint, i have a press release to write, fixtures and display stuff to pick up, and my craft area to fix up, all in about one month! {oh and get my kids back to school...oi that's another stress-mess with lucy's special ed and which school will they ultimately go to. yikes, how much more can i fit on my plate!?!}

happy weds and i hope you have some radical weekend plans going down. and if you are open to it, explore veganism. the animals need you!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

2315 k st is a go!

sugar plum vegan, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
well, it's official. i put the deposit and rent down on the k st. space. me and my good friend and girl friday elisabeth went to meet with melissa for paperwork business, and to take some notes on what we need to transform the space. it was nice to have a fresh set of eyes and we came up with some great solutions to maximize the floor selling space.

afterwards, we went to go browse paint chips for color ideas. lucky for me i am being gifted primer (which we need tons of!) and most of the painting supplies. we begin this weekend! wut!

as far as vendors, i am 88% done with all my invoices. a few more tee sellers and the dishware gal are out but i finished up my supply shopping for things such as bags, price guns etc. i have fixtures and tables on tap, so that will happen more mid-month when everything is painted and dried. it's SO EXCITING! the good news is spreading...every time i go in to the cafe someone asks me if i am "that jen" while pointing upstairs LOL and yes, i am THAT JEN.

i had a dream last night that i was working alone, it was swamped, my register was jamming and some chick came in and bought most of my stock LOL. but then at the same time elisabeth had a less anxiety-riddled dream of serene shoppers and a cute couch and the painting touches she was wanting to try. i am going to focus on hers! my anxiety is at an all time high, people...but i suppose it's a good anxiety?

nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile!