Tuesday, August 24, 2010

*moving on up...*

new logo w/ text, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

well things are happening over here at nfb central. the move to the new store front is eminent, when the weather cooperates and doesn't give us the promise of a heat stroke in the middle of it! {have i mentioned the shop is in an old victorian...UPstairs with a dinky window AC. and it's been record breaking heat here in the sacramento valley. yeah. so...yeah. the weekend is promising more mild temps that are more conducive to hauling stuff up a flight of steep steps! i also have a cleaning and paint prep CREW now...so i don't have to suffer respiratory distress on top of all the regular stress LOL. again, it's a dusty old victorian. and it hates my lungs right now.}

i have received many new items in the past two days, including a partial food shipment {vegan jerky and candy, anyone?} and some awesome handmade vegan lovelies you had no idea you needed. a metric ton of tee-shirts, with more great stuff on the way. cute brooches, bags, and bath and body items...vegan CONDOMS... everything will be ready and we will have that soft opening by sept 15...second saturday if the weather gods smile upon our faces. {no more hothothot weather, k weather gods? seriously.}

oh and how about the new logo? {i am loving it. i hope you are too.}