Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*nfb poppy love*

finished poppies!, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
well, you are looking at the arm of a new midtown sacramento business owner :) finalized the lease conditions today, signed on the dotted line. now i can't run away flailing my arms...i am locked in for one year! {i am only half-kidding about running away, i am going crazy on the details of what has to happen and soon and the idea does occur to me from time to time!}

but as you can see, my never felt better poppies are finished, thanks to our friend mischa. and he also did my middle fingers {my favorite ones of all time}. i can't tell you how good it feels to complete something so dear to me, at a time when i am embarking on something so dear to me. the synchronicity and serendipity abounds. {it's magical}

i hope what merch i have gotten so far is as pleasin' to everyone else as it really is to me. i will have a meager start, but it's a start and every time i hear someone congratulate me earnestly or say how i am living my dream, well that's priceless. {i am living the dream, and it's pretty fucking sweet}

please stay with me when we get in to primer and paint {i am getting closer to picking out the final colors every day but i am not quite there yet} and keep in mind sept 15th is the date for the soft opening. along with the painting and sprucing up of the joint, i have a press release to write, fixtures and display stuff to pick up, and my craft area to fix up, all in about one month! {oh and get my kids back to school...oi that's another stress-mess with lucy's special ed and which school will they ultimately go to. yikes, how much more can i fit on my plate!?!}

happy weds and i hope you have some radical weekend plans going down. and if you are open to it, explore veganism. the animals need you!