Wednesday, May 28, 2008


happy wednesday. i am kinda grumpy the old man i am i broke something pulling out all the patio furniture for the pool area today. grrr that stuff looked light, but must have been made from Adamantium or something. and i should have asked for help, but i didn't. anyway i put the hurt on myself, but i will live i am sure. :)

picked up some needed sewing notions today, such as PINS--something you think you have but you don't when you go to find them, and WHITE THREAD--ditto. going to do some sewing tonight--i am making some fabric seagull brooches and flowers, too. i am digging on the oilcloth i picked up thinking i would use it as a table cloth, but realized it was too busy. not too busy for brooches though, especially paired with different fabrics for the proper juxtaposition. boy, i like saying juxtaposition. say it with me!

again, happy wednesday. try not to break yourself anymore than you already have, and try and get some good sleep. oh wait, that was my internal dialog going on out loud again! for *you* i say keep on rockin...because i know you are in your own way. lol.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my monday, your tuesday.

didn't get the luxury of an extra day off yesterday, since my regular day off is monday anyway. so today, your tuesday, i am having a case of my mondays! i am off work already--jammed and got everything done quickly since we have company and i am trying to allow them to have the most quality time together skate-wise. although i am hoping it is quite a while until the next houseguest...we ate TOO much good food in the last few days! he is vegan too so we felt compelled to wow him with the best portland has to offer. and of course we didn't disappoint. his favorite was the vegan taco truck and since today is his last day he requested it one last time. :) last night i made pizza with the "teese" vegan cheese from foodfight and THAT did not disappoint, either. we have had organic beer and wine, amazing breakfasts and brunches and snacks that made us fat and happy. thank god we don't eat like this all the time! but it is nice to show friends around and brag about all the freaking amazing vegan fare here. we have a vegan mini-mall, after all ;p

Thursday, May 22, 2008

the week in review

today i have already gotten off work, so i am sitting here waiting for my shawn to come home from the airport with his best friend visiting from cleveland with vegan mexican food from the taco truck. it is one of those days already though. i don't feel very good--not a cold or a bug kinda bad--just a bunch of little things. my tummy feels weird- my bellybutton hernia is acting up. yes, i have a hernia. you would too if you had two 9lbs+ babies lol. but, they run in my family and i think i am going to get the repair. i would get my sleek innie belly button back and also it won't get worse with complications. i dunno--i go in on the 20th unless it gets worse and i sneak into urgent care. i remembered weird al's version of 'living with a hernia' and i checked out the youtube. good old weird al! now i am really old because i used to just laugh and laugh at the video thinking ha on old people and their hernia's! blargh.

other than that fun, it has been a busy week. i finished up some orders one of which is featured here: a flock of seagulls lol. this weekend i am picking up the sewing machine adrienne is loaning me to shut me up. hopefully it will only be for a few weeks until i can get mine situated. i keep putting it off, thinking i should repair my old singer but then i see all the cute stitches available on newer machines and i flip flop back. either way i am going to be sewing up a storm very soon, and i can't wait. no more hand-sewing for me :)

shawn is stoked about dave visiting. he has all these skate spots to share and the most excellent vegan places to eat--i hope to steal dave away one of the few vegan bars LOL. i don't think he will be too happy to leave--cleveland is no place for a self respecting vegan nowadays, hee hee. the peer pressure will be great for him to move out west for sure.

well off to continue waiting for lunch. i have laundry to do and the girls room is a pit of doom and despair. yay!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

constant flux

i have become one of those people who are constantly rearranging. like on the weekly :) it is a zen activity for me, i am really just making the energy flow at a maximum. what a perfect thing to do on such a dreary day! apparently we are going to have record may heat this weekend--but today was soggy and gray. i suppose i will appreciate the warmth even more, but i will be glad to see it go. if i wanted to live in blazing hell i would be back in sacramento LOL! it is supposed to go back to a normal NW spring weather by tuesday thank god. maybe i can catch some much needed rays....hello my little cheek freckles! it has been a while since i have seen ya.

quotes for the day:

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you."

"In dwelling, live close to the ground. In thinking, keep to the simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present. "

Born to be wild - live to outgrow it."

-lao tzu

i don't have any clue what is going to be for dinner. i really need to go to the market, but lucy looks like rainbow brite (she dressed her self and has on about 3 layers of clothing) and is covered in stamp ink (animal stamps=fun times). lyric is looking raggedy too but i am getting off to round them up as best i can. there is no food in this house and i am craving something sweet! :))

Friday, May 09, 2008

happy friday and all that jazz :)

one more day in my work week, but thankfully saturdays in the office are pretty mellow. which i think i am going to take advantage of if that is the case and crochet something from the rad vintage pattern books my friend laura picked up and sent to me (they are as heavy as bricks, and the postage was crazy! what a doll!). i collect vintage crochet manuals, patterns, funky pictures. and lemme tell you these books do NOT disappoint with the crochet-lady-crazy. i am going to make shawn a tie LOL.

ooooo it is almost time for BSG! happy friday :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

a few new pendants

found this groovy vintage pillowcase from sears and roebucks that just cried out to be made into (what else?) pendants (among other things when i get my sewing machine up and running).

my head aches and i am inhaling a sachet of lavender right now. it is kinda helping. i need a hot shower and some peace and quiet, honestly.

so far i have only listed these on etsy but i will do so on my site tomorrow in the morning.

happy thursday!

Monday, May 05, 2008

while dinner is cooking, a quick post :)

teriyaki noodles with beef-less strips and veggies. hungry!

it has been a busy week. took the girls to the indoor swimming pool, the duck pond and several other parks to explore while the weather was giving us a break. it was really pretty here the last few days, and when the sun shines you take advantage of its rays. :)

i am working on a larger custom orders during the evening, trying to get that out to their prospective people as quick as possible. i replaced my older and cheaper soldering irons with a big boy that pretty much will melt a tin can. love it! i can't remember if i mentioned being at junes craftywonderland, but it is also something i am preparing for. if i get my sewing machine even one week before i have a couple of ideas i would like to go ahead and try out. that would be as good as any place to see if something bombs or not! :p i am seriously dying to sew and i am so hard up late at night i watch video tutorials on different sewing projects. kinda sad, LOL. but it makes me happy, and that is all that matters.

well, dinner is about ready to serve and lemme tell you i am happy to partake. happy monday!!!