Monday, May 05, 2008

while dinner is cooking, a quick post :)

teriyaki noodles with beef-less strips and veggies. hungry!

it has been a busy week. took the girls to the indoor swimming pool, the duck pond and several other parks to explore while the weather was giving us a break. it was really pretty here the last few days, and when the sun shines you take advantage of its rays. :)

i am working on a larger custom orders during the evening, trying to get that out to their prospective people as quick as possible. i replaced my older and cheaper soldering irons with a big boy that pretty much will melt a tin can. love it! i can't remember if i mentioned being at junes craftywonderland, but it is also something i am preparing for. if i get my sewing machine even one week before i have a couple of ideas i would like to go ahead and try out. that would be as good as any place to see if something bombs or not! :p i am seriously dying to sew and i am so hard up late at night i watch video tutorials on different sewing projects. kinda sad, LOL. but it makes me happy, and that is all that matters.

well, dinner is about ready to serve and lemme tell you i am happy to partake. happy monday!!!