Saturday, December 29, 2007

soy candlerific day

did some crocheting...some errands and lookie: i made a soy candle! three, actually, but i ran out of cool containers to pour it in. off to do some thrifting tomorrow for some radical glass. this was fun, and this particular one is a gift to a friend tomorrow. she will tell me if the scent is good, or if i went overboard on the lavender buds. :) i say lettem burn ha ha. so far i have lavender and also clove. i found some great local (eugene) organic essential oil i have to order along with the sweet soy deal. i just wanted to try out the whole process and i was stoked. hopefully i can have a few of these for the upcoming anti-valentines day sale and mothers day. woot.

i am also happy to have a few custom orders still rolling in. i am currently working on smittens, and one more came in last night. that is really nice, i need to be busy right now. pssst...crocheting keeps me sane. srsly.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

here is to 2008!

it has been a fun and interesting year, but i am all eyes for 2008. i have a holiday hangover, and am so happy it is all but over. i learned a lot about the business, and am going to put some of that knowledge to work for me in the next year for sure. there are going to be some changes to, but all for the good and i have high hopes i hit on something with these ideas that are sustainable and desirable. :) let's keep our collective fingers crossed! and i will of course update as more details gel.

tonight i go back to work on a custom wholesale order for the store in ohio, smitten
and also i have one scarf i need to make for my friend, summer. one thing is for certain i will always have the crocheted items-crocheting keeps me sane. :)

there is going to be a BIG sale coming up in the next week or so and i will let everyone know the details and codes for that. i want this old stuff GONE and some of it will be DIRT cheap. i am even going to have a 'supplies' section to destash some of the jewelry components i have amassed and will never use. time to clean house....

happy 2008 funky crafty people! cheers!

Friday, December 21, 2007

PDXETSY last minute show tomorrow!

here is the flyer for the all day show tomorrow, i hope that if you are local in the area and are looking to do some last minute shopping diy-style you will truck your lovely butt on down! :) it is the last farmers market of the year, too so come bulk up on your root vegetables and stuff, man.

so, as per usual i am working at labeling, tagging and finishing up some post earrings and hair pins. i have a fair amount of scarves and pendants left over so come on down and get yers, portland! and come give me a hug. i could use one!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

post office-gah!

(pictured above: new pouch and my first real try at a faux fur stuffy. it is a whooly mammoth ha ha!)

blech, boy do i not want to go to the post office this afternoon. but i have a few things to mail off, one int'l., hence the trip down to the PO. *sigh*

since i am going out and have some other errands to run i suppose i can finish up some xmas shopping (talk about last minute!). looking for something for the old man he has on his list. i have two things on my list: a digital recorder (for my ghost hunting hobby!) and getting my nose re-pierced. i could use a new post for my pixie, but hey santa is on a budget this year so i would be happy with the two. :)

i have watched crappy daytime tv while i crocheted this morning and got disgusted by the inundation of medical assisting career colleges. suffice to say i think it is a load of crap and am SO sorry for anyone who feels that is going to be the answer to their career problems. i also talked a bit about what i want to be when i grow up and i will cut and paste from another blog:

you know what i want to be when i grow up? this. but somewhere quaint. sitting behind a counter with my shop dog and kids helping me out by hanging clothes and doing their studies in the back room. being able to close up shop for dr. appts. and emergencies and having people understand and be nice. bringing the concept of buy-sell-trade/and indie arts and crafts to an area that is ready for it but doesn't have one already. having a workshop where i can work when it is slow and show people how stuff gets made by hand. and running the business end of shawns skate shop/gallery. :)

i honestly don't think that is asking to damned much! what is your dream?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

easy like a sunday morning

i posted some new items, a scarflette and some felt sachets (pictured above), and had some sales yesterday and today, which were nice. i went to get mexican taco truck food but no one was there so we did sandwiches instead. shawn has a good fire going for us, and is finishing up the basement (which i have to give mad props to him for--that place was a fucking hell hole. literally.). you would not believe the job he did and while he was down there he did some of my laundry loads, too. whadda guy. i am basically just kicking back for the day, doing some leisurely crocheting. because i am easy-easy like a sunday morning...woooo ooooo ooooo oooooooo

Friday, December 14, 2007

my sewing machine has bit it

it needs a tune up at our famed montavilla sewing center as soon as possible. i thought about just getting a new one, but this one is a good sturdy metal singer that was in such great shape for my aunt-i should be ashamed for letting it go so long without a tune up (and for dropping it but ha let's not talk about that). it looks just like the one above but is beige. now, if they tell me it is a lost cause or that it will be an arm and a leg i will weigh my options. but i think with a good old tune up she will work better than before. :)

damn and i really wanted to be doing some sewing! i am in that kind of mood.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


it has been a busy week of organizing, cleaning and custom orders in and out! today i sent out a third re-order for sidecar up in seattle, plus i finally contacted herbivore here in town to make time to come by either friday or early next week to see what little gifty-last minute goodies i can depart upon them. i would love to check out the world's first vegan mini-mall finally! some pump nachos and a hot dog from foodfight! sounds good right about now, too :)

my next and final craft show for the year is on the 22nd, so i have time to make more earrings and sachets for those last minute stocking stuffers. i battled with my sewing machine yesterday--cleaning and de-gunking like crazy. it needs a tune up, more than i can do but for a gal with a screwdriver and some moxie i did awright! i got it to perform a bit better after all was said and done, and am looking forward to doing some sewing soon...i need to do some things i have up in my head that have been sitting there too long! i have some more crocheting/customs to work out too, plus i plan on making everyone a scarf so...*whew*! yeah, it has been and will be a busy week or two for me and my fingers at never felt better headquarters! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

weekend wrap up

i had a fairly productive weekend, in retrospect. in saturdays mail i managed to get out the custom scarf and pouch and also an order that had come back to me undeliverable and i got the right address to send to (psa to double check your paypal address on file if you have moved recently!). we ate at my favorite vegan taco truck on the planet, then shawn got a hall pass to go see a skate video premier. while he was gone i watched (shhh don't tell) ultimate fighting and my boy mac danzig won! not only does he have a cool name, but he is a vegan representin' and kickin' some serious ass :) sunday i had the craft show for which i was fully prepared for but apparently the customers weren't because it was pretty dead in my estimation. i sold some things so i can't complain too much but i am beginning to see a trend and not a good one about the saturation of craft shows here in portland. the GOOD thing is i have a dream, a plan and when bummer days like this happen i just get out that dream and give it a big old hug. and the funny thing is, it hugs me back.

because i had hours to kill i finished the scarflette re-order for sidecar and just need to sew buttons on today. i also worked on some ideas i have for when i get all my metal working tools together. my dad is sending me a 'crafters care package' and with that i should have most of the basic tools to make some simple but different metal pieces. i really can't wait!

it feels weird for nothing to be going on this next two weeks. that means i can do xmas shopping and house cleaning/craft area cleaning at my leisure. i feel antsy but hopefully i can channel some of that into creativity and get some stuff done i have been thinking about.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

yay for work!

i am finishing up the custom work off etsy today and tomorrow and just when i got an idea i would be able to cruise into the weekend working on other projects i got a re-order from seattle's sidecar for pigs peace for more scarflettes :) she said that two flew off the shelf within hours of putting them out! that is great news, so since hers is a rush job i really need to finish this present order.

above is my newest listing for a scarf i am growing to love a lot. it is shorter than my regular scarves, but longer than the scarflettes. however it has a button closure or you can wrap it the usual way. the best thing is i found a super bulky acrylic that wasn't in a bad color way. i should check their website for more colors, too. i really love the super bulky yarns look.

this sunday, dec 9 i will be at the rebel rabbit craft show! if you are local come down to say hi!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


it is tuesday...making my way through the week with high hopes and goals both around the house and for the shop. the past weekend shows were successes in their own rights: friday at motokitty was so much fun to hang out and drink and sell, and sunday was i heart indie holidays which even with the typhoonish weather managed to be a busy day. i have the week off, the next show isn't until sunday the 9th. in the mean time i got a two item custom order last night i am going to start today: a scarf with an elephant lino print and a skull pouch. lots of crocheting in my immediate future! :)

above is a mini pouch in a clutch style i listed last night that i thought turned out pretty darned cute. i set up my sewing machine and dusted it out plus gave it a nice lube job. i hope to do some sewing this week to bulk up my pouches section. i sold two older styles that had been sitting around on sunday and it reminded me how much i like to sew and how i haven't been doing it much lately. i love to crochet, but i need to mix it up more.

Friday, November 30, 2007

ready for this weekend?

lots of stuff happening this weekend, per my previous post...but more importantly: snow on saturday! i can't wait :p it always makes me super happy, and since i have nothing going on for saturday, snuggling up with the fire after catching snowflakes outside sounds just about right with me.

above is my latest scarflette aptly named miss peacock, and a few pendants i could get decent shots of. for whatever reason my camera is acting up again and i think it is the rechargeables this time. anyway i made about 6 or seven for tonight and sunday and certainly can make more if i need too. i love to solder, and can't wait to get my hands on a mini-torch this next year. i have some ideas a brewin'....:)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

mention in the portland mercury today :)

there is nothing more uplifting than seeing one of the most anticipated craft shows of the season being spotlighted with a mention of you by name. :) that really makes me hap hap happy! our weekly the mercury has done just that and my booth mate flappergirl.etsy gave me the heads up first thing this morning. after talking with my ex about child support it totally negated that feeling of wanting to barf in my mouth a little ;)

last night i finished up some pendants that are going south down to sacramento for a gallery show through january. hopefully they sell and everyone is happy about that, i know i am happy with the way they turned out. cute vintage ribbon looks even cuter under glass!

tomorrow is my very first trunk show at motokitty here in portland which should be fun for all. then sunday is i heart indie holidays show which i have high, high hopes for! this week was exhausting but it is almost over and i honestly can't wait. after sunday, i have one more show on december 9 and then i get a rest until the last show of the season on the 22nd. more info on those as they draw near!

Monday, November 26, 2007

cyber monday ha ha

i swear i never heard of this cyber-monday business but for this year. i guess i am not as with it as i once thought! :)

yesterday i did a small craft bazaar for my daughters school and hung out with adrienne again. it was slow but nice to see everyone. today, however is a busy shipping day with 7 items going out! a bunch of scarves, too. most of which were custom orders. if one gal pays on time today i can get a necklace out in the same trip to the post office today as well. but she is from overseas and a first time buyer so i don't know if that will happen or not. that is the one thing i hate about etsy, it gives people the option not to pay where on my website you have to pay for what you purchase on the spot. nice and easy, just like buying in real life! :)

i also finished a brown flecked scarf with a cord bird on it. i will be listing that in a minute on both sites. woot! scarf-a-pooloza time in never felt better land!

Friday, November 23, 2007

fat AND happy :)

oh yeah, we had a big old dinner! i forgot what it was like to eat quite so much food in one sitting, then go back for my second wind for dinner. (we eat a little early, more like late lunch.) everything was from made with love and everything was delicious! and yes, we roll with the 'can-berry' sauce in this house! i love that stuff! :)

today is black friday and i actually lucked out with some sales both from my website and what was just a custom inquiry this morning has turned into a promised sale. i am working on one custom job today, it is about 3/4 finished, then i can start on the etsy order. she needed a toddler version of a scarf i had listed and i just happened to have made one for lucy not too long ago so i know it won't take too long to get finished and sent out. hopefully i can get some sales from sunday's craft show as well. i am totally cash poor and could use some for a bead store run i need to make asap for the sacramento gallery glass pendants order due next week. tomorrow i am running down to the art store for more moleskines, too. i think the sunday crowd would enjoy those as stocking stuffers.

hope everyone had a great tofurkey day, and a wonderful weekend too!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

mission accomplished

i had been working on and off on these three scarflettes for way too long and since they are going up to seattle i *finally* finished them up today and took photos! they turned out pretty nice and i am happy with them :)

late yesterday i worked on a business plan, doing research on things like commercial spaces, similar businesses, and financial info like the dreaded break even analysis, etc. it makes me want to rip my hair out, actually! but it is necessary for anyone to think you are half-way serious, especially if you want them to loan you money :) i did a half-skate shop half-NFB shop. half for me and half for shawn. half for the skater boys, half for the cute girls. ha. i think it can work! scratch that, i know it can.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hey hey pretty lady

the pretty girl holiday sale went perfectly, and was a whole lot of fun, to boot! we got to drink wine and sell to the nicest crowd ever! i will definitely do this again next year. if they would have me of course :) my best seller? the moleskine journals with the pig linocut print. i got a lot of feedback on those, all positive and they practically sold out the first night. for saturday i did amazing with my pendants and earrings. so, all in all it was good times. i have some work ahead of me to make up for sold stock, along with some special orders/requests/ideas.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

tea cozy attack

this week has consisted of panicky house cleaning, off and on crocheting, crazed rearranging of rooms and furniture and purging bags and bags of crap. it didn't so much consist of getting ready for friday and saturdays craft show, but i have one more day to procrastinate there. i am a clutch crafter, after all.

after being SO sick for over a week (that felt like a month) i bounced back thinking if i ever got really really ill, or had another baby or something i would be damned if it was going to be in such a house of disarray!

i really just need to pull my inventory, get the display stuff and pricing/tagging together and go from there. viola! i am 2/3 done right there. the rest is the usual pressure and intense feelings of paranoia...i heap upon myself. :)

Friday, November 09, 2007

nothing like feeling better for the weekend!

just in the knick of time, i do believe i am feeling waaaay better. not great or fantastic...just *better*. which i will accept gratefully! i even have some work to show my change in health. i finished a scarf and also made two little identical tea bag cozies to see how they look and i have to say i love them. what kind of fiend doesn't need a tea bag cozy? perish the thought! ;) i hope this energy and good spirits keep up for me--there is a ton of work around the house to catch up on and also the gravity of the two day craft show for next weekend is hitting me. this is serious people! it is starting! :)

Monday, November 05, 2007


i have been soooo sick over this past weekend i was totally amazed. still am. some kind of killer virus from hades! everyone take your vitamin c and boost up your immune system because i thought mine was pretty good: apparently not at all! so, i have to drag ass today to get some packaging and shipping done from sales and whatnot over the weekend. i watched too much tv and slept more than i have slept in years. shawn had the girls and kept them busy with raking leaves, veganfest (which i was too sad about not being able to go), the library and the store. lots of stuff out of the house to let me rest. i love that man. :)

i have to solder a pendant for a customer and while i had the iron hot i was planning on busting out a few more but you know what? i don't trust myself around hot objects right now. i feel a bit woozy and you probably should not have sharp molten things around your hands and face!