Saturday, December 29, 2007

soy candlerific day

did some crocheting...some errands and lookie: i made a soy candle! three, actually, but i ran out of cool containers to pour it in. off to do some thrifting tomorrow for some radical glass. this was fun, and this particular one is a gift to a friend tomorrow. she will tell me if the scent is good, or if i went overboard on the lavender buds. :) i say lettem burn ha ha. so far i have lavender and also clove. i found some great local (eugene) organic essential oil i have to order along with the sweet soy deal. i just wanted to try out the whole process and i was stoked. hopefully i can have a few of these for the upcoming anti-valentines day sale and mothers day. woot.

i am also happy to have a few custom orders still rolling in. i am currently working on smittens, and one more came in last night. that is really nice, i need to be busy right now. pssst...crocheting keeps me sane. srsly.