Tuesday, December 18, 2007

post office-gah!

(pictured above: new pouch and my first real try at a faux fur stuffy. it is a whooly mammoth ha ha!)

blech, boy do i not want to go to the post office this afternoon. but i have a few things to mail off, one int'l., hence the trip down to the PO. *sigh*

since i am going out and have some other errands to run i suppose i can finish up some xmas shopping (talk about last minute!). looking for something for the old man he has on his list. i have two things on my list: a digital recorder (for my ghost hunting hobby!) and getting my nose re-pierced. i could use a new post for my pixie, but hey santa is on a budget this year so i would be happy with the two. :)

i have watched crappy daytime tv while i crocheted this morning and got disgusted by the inundation of medical assisting career colleges. suffice to say i think it is a load of crap and am SO sorry for anyone who feels that is going to be the answer to their career problems. i also talked a bit about what i want to be when i grow up and i will cut and paste from another blog:

you know what i want to be when i grow up? this. but somewhere quaint. sitting behind a counter with my shop dog and kids helping me out by hanging clothes and doing their studies in the back room. being able to close up shop for dr. appts. and emergencies and having people understand and be nice. bringing the concept of buy-sell-trade/and indie arts and crafts to an area that is ready for it but doesn't have one already. having a workshop where i can work when it is slow and show people how stuff gets made by hand. and running the business end of shawns skate shop/gallery. :)

i honestly don't think that is asking to damned much! what is your dream?