Wednesday, December 26, 2007

here is to 2008!

it has been a fun and interesting year, but i am all eyes for 2008. i have a holiday hangover, and am so happy it is all but over. i learned a lot about the business, and am going to put some of that knowledge to work for me in the next year for sure. there are going to be some changes to, but all for the good and i have high hopes i hit on something with these ideas that are sustainable and desirable. :) let's keep our collective fingers crossed! and i will of course update as more details gel.

tonight i go back to work on a custom wholesale order for the store in ohio, smitten
and also i have one scarf i need to make for my friend, summer. one thing is for certain i will always have the crocheted items-crocheting keeps me sane. :)

there is going to be a BIG sale coming up in the next week or so and i will let everyone know the details and codes for that. i want this old stuff GONE and some of it will be DIRT cheap. i am even going to have a 'supplies' section to destash some of the jewelry components i have amassed and will never use. time to clean house....

happy 2008 funky crafty people! cheers!