Tuesday, December 04, 2007


it is tuesday...making my way through the week with high hopes and goals both around the house and for the shop. the past weekend shows were successes in their own rights: friday at motokitty was so much fun to hang out and drink and sell, and sunday was i heart indie holidays which even with the typhoonish weather managed to be a busy day. i have the week off, the next show isn't until sunday the 9th. in the mean time i got a two item custom order last night i am going to start today: a scarf with an elephant lino print and a skull pouch. lots of crocheting in my immediate future! :)

above is a mini pouch in a clutch style i listed last night that i thought turned out pretty darned cute. i set up my sewing machine and dusted it out plus gave it a nice lube job. i hope to do some sewing this week to bulk up my pouches section. i sold two older styles that had been sitting around on sunday and it reminded me how much i like to sew and how i haven't been doing it much lately. i love to crochet, but i need to mix it up more.