Monday, December 10, 2007

weekend wrap up

i had a fairly productive weekend, in retrospect. in saturdays mail i managed to get out the custom scarf and pouch and also an order that had come back to me undeliverable and i got the right address to send to (psa to double check your paypal address on file if you have moved recently!). we ate at my favorite vegan taco truck on the planet, then shawn got a hall pass to go see a skate video premier. while he was gone i watched (shhh don't tell) ultimate fighting and my boy mac danzig won! not only does he have a cool name, but he is a vegan representin' and kickin' some serious ass :) sunday i had the craft show for which i was fully prepared for but apparently the customers weren't because it was pretty dead in my estimation. i sold some things so i can't complain too much but i am beginning to see a trend and not a good one about the saturation of craft shows here in portland. the GOOD thing is i have a dream, a plan and when bummer days like this happen i just get out that dream and give it a big old hug. and the funny thing is, it hugs me back.

because i had hours to kill i finished the scarflette re-order for sidecar and just need to sew buttons on today. i also worked on some ideas i have for when i get all my metal working tools together. my dad is sending me a 'crafters care package' and with that i should have most of the basic tools to make some simple but different metal pieces. i really can't wait!

it feels weird for nothing to be going on this next two weeks. that means i can do xmas shopping and house cleaning/craft area cleaning at my leisure. i feel antsy but hopefully i can channel some of that into creativity and get some stuff done i have been thinking about.