Sunday, August 04, 2013

yard work is great for the soul.

yard work is great for the soul, especially when your soul needs a nice, big, fat ass kicking.  my yard is an abyss of leaves and leaves and more leaves.  i have the huge oak tree that sheds year round for that.  i pulled a mommy dearest on the privet trees, truth be told. 

lopping off branches is THERAPY.
my sister came to stay with us for a while and she is so motivating for things like cleaning up our yard which, until today was full of piles of leaves and spider webs in the trees leaves (scary).  we made planters, replanted flowers, succulents, cleared out so much branches and weeds.  i mean my yard looks TIGHT now.  i'm so happy it's cleared!  plus we scored a free gas lawnmower from the neighbors. it was a good lawn care day all the way around.

sometimes it just takes an extra set of hands and feet to get stuff done like you see it, the extra help could not come at a more needed time!  between school suddenly starting for lucy (i for some reason had it in my head that she started after lyric which is after labor day BUT NO her school starts in three days which led me scrambling to some degree but it wasn't the end of the world with the supplies--just new uniform shirts and jazz.  IT IS ANOTHER STORY ENTIRELY THAT WOULD LEAD ME TO NOT KNOW THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR ONE OF MY CHILDREN, so we won't go there out of respect for my pride.  it's not like i've had a lot on my plate or anything!), my job suddenly pink slipping me (yay?) and my sister staying here for a bit there has been some craziness over the last few days.  but hey, when is that never the case? i feel lucky to have her right now when i need to be looking for a full time position, she can help me with lucy and whatever else comes along. for that i am so very grateful.

hard work gave my soul the business today.  and that is just alright with me.

jeshy cat was not really ok with all the commotion but she does love a tidy yard!