Wednesday, September 29, 2010

*not the heat*

vegan dish, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
apparently we are experiencing a heat wave. or at least, regular late late summer sacramento weather we are not used to since the weather was relatively mild for us. {so, we swelter, or so it seems.}

but, in spite of record breaking heat i am still having my positive mental attitude. i am re-ordering tee shirts as we are running low {that's a great thing}-along with some hoodies and long-sleeves, the vegan dish pottery came {which i am drooling over}, and we set up an account with chicago soy dairy {vegan run, made on vegan equipment!} for teese vegan cheese and marshmallows {huzzah!}.

things are looking good. and feeling good too. i can't wait for a real weather change for hats and sweaters and socks. pumpkin pie in the cafe and cobblers. mmmmm. {i love fall!}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*snack and book porn*

pantry, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
look i know you just had the 'bottomless brunch' downstairs at sugar plum vegan, but dammit you know you want some hazelnut butter and some boxed mac-n-cheeze. you know, for later noshing.

along with some mighty fine junk food, i also have vegan cookbooks if you are the READING type. ;p (reconstituting mashed potatoes in the microwave doesn't constitute following a written recipe!) just got in 'that's why we don't eat animals' by ruby roth. it's aimed at children but if you can read this beautifully illustrated and factual book on treating all life with compassion without giving your current omnivore status a serious second thought, you are a robot. it's amazing and would make a great gift to a child you know.  also, we got vegan yum yum which you need for next dinner party, and the cookbook the mad cowboy howard lyman penned called "NO BULL"--good reading cover to cover, all of them. {if you are the abridged reader and prefer zines...have a few of those too. even one dedicated to vegan smoothies for that smoothie diet you were talking about not too long ago. wait, that was just me and it was the babyfood diet! what? i am trying to lose 10 lbs!}

Sunday, September 19, 2010

*day two*

fancy aprons :), originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

yesterday was awesome! lot's of positive people, sales and great conversation. shawn and kristie brought me flowers, too! {so thoughtful}

even though the SUPER GRAND OPENING {tm} haha will be in october, i would have to say yesterday's first day was very grand and very special. {i love my job!}

in other non-business news: our beloved cat simon had a almost week long hospital stay for a urinary blockage and almost died! he's home with a new and favorable prognosis, thank god. then, if things couldn't have been more hectic with that and the store opening, the same day he went into the hospital my oldest daughter took a spill at school and sprained one of her elbows, and fractured the other. hopefully she won't need a soft cast on the one and the sling will do. i did a tour of TWO hospitals on the SAME day :) it's amazing my head didn't spin off my neck but you know what...everything's going to be OK for both cat and daughter! so you just have to roll with everything and not get too caught up. {er, at least that is what i have been told ;p}

happy sunday and i hope you have a wonderful start to your week! let's hope neither you or i have reason to see a hospital or dr. LOL

Thursday, September 09, 2010

*nine days, seriously?*

NINE DAYS until i throw open the doors? say WHAT?

it's funny, i think i am in shock about the whole thing. because in order NOT to freak out, i am just NOT freaking out and rolling with it. {it's so very unlike me, you know, not to freak out.}

the sign for the outside got delivered today: that makes it official! plus with 90% of the space painted and decorated{how much do you love the birdy fabric curtains? thanks ikea and your inexpensive fabric ways!} and the fixtures delivered and stock here and ready to go out, it's kind of a done deal! i believe the only thing not ready is not a thing at all, it's a being and that being is ME. {ok, i lied. i am actually quite ready. i am just nervous! EEP!}

never felt better {vegan shop} is go!...well, almost. NINE MORE DAYS!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

*painting is fun*

just keep painting, just keep painting...
me, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i worked all this waaaay up in my head as the worst possible job to do for the space, but actually minus the 15 ft. ceilings between elisabeth and i we knocked out the front two rooms over the past two days. easy AND peasy, but still a kick ass cardio workout. i am hoping to lose 10 pounds drilling up and down the stairs in the future when no one is looking, and i hope this is the jump start to my hypothyroid metabolism! {one can only pray...}

now, you may ask yourself...what in the world is that color yellow doing? but tell yourself it is still wet in these pictures and there is nothing wrong with a little color in your life. :) this room, aptly named the yellow room LOL, is the "kitchen" area as the future home snack foods, cookbooks, aprons, dishware, pet stuff etc. i am in love with the sunny/happy/vintage feel of the color plus it's name is fairly lily. {+1 in my book.}

today was a good day, a productive day. cheers to many, many more of those.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

*sneaky peeks 2*

and a few more...

flapper girl  

vegan aesthetics

books by bexx

plus don't forget there will be cookbooks and snacky and staple vegan foods, too!