Saturday, September 04, 2010

*painting is fun*

just keep painting, just keep painting...
me, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i worked all this waaaay up in my head as the worst possible job to do for the space, but actually minus the 15 ft. ceilings between elisabeth and i we knocked out the front two rooms over the past two days. easy AND peasy, but still a kick ass cardio workout. i am hoping to lose 10 pounds drilling up and down the stairs in the future when no one is looking, and i hope this is the jump start to my hypothyroid metabolism! {one can only pray...}

now, you may ask yourself...what in the world is that color yellow doing? but tell yourself it is still wet in these pictures and there is nothing wrong with a little color in your life. :) this room, aptly named the yellow room LOL, is the "kitchen" area as the future home snack foods, cookbooks, aprons, dishware, pet stuff etc. i am in love with the sunny/happy/vintage feel of the color plus it's name is fairly lily. {+1 in my book.}

today was a good day, a productive day. cheers to many, many more of those.