Thursday, September 09, 2010

*nine days, seriously?*

NINE DAYS until i throw open the doors? say WHAT?

it's funny, i think i am in shock about the whole thing. because in order NOT to freak out, i am just NOT freaking out and rolling with it. {it's so very unlike me, you know, not to freak out.}

the sign for the outside got delivered today: that makes it official! plus with 90% of the space painted and decorated{how much do you love the birdy fabric curtains? thanks ikea and your inexpensive fabric ways!} and the fixtures delivered and stock here and ready to go out, it's kind of a done deal! i believe the only thing not ready is not a thing at all, it's a being and that being is ME. {ok, i lied. i am actually quite ready. i am just nervous! EEP!}

never felt better {vegan shop} is go!...well, almost. NINE MORE DAYS!