Sunday, September 19, 2010

*day two*

fancy aprons :), originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

yesterday was awesome! lot's of positive people, sales and great conversation. shawn and kristie brought me flowers, too! {so thoughtful}

even though the SUPER GRAND OPENING {tm} haha will be in october, i would have to say yesterday's first day was very grand and very special. {i love my job!}

in other non-business news: our beloved cat simon had a almost week long hospital stay for a urinary blockage and almost died! he's home with a new and favorable prognosis, thank god. then, if things couldn't have been more hectic with that and the store opening, the same day he went into the hospital my oldest daughter took a spill at school and sprained one of her elbows, and fractured the other. hopefully she won't need a soft cast on the one and the sling will do. i did a tour of TWO hospitals on the SAME day :) it's amazing my head didn't spin off my neck but you know what...everything's going to be OK for both cat and daughter! so you just have to roll with everything and not get too caught up. {er, at least that is what i have been told ;p}

happy sunday and i hope you have a wonderful start to your week! let's hope neither you or i have reason to see a hospital or dr. LOL