Wednesday, September 29, 2010

*not the heat*

vegan dish, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
apparently we are experiencing a heat wave. or at least, regular late late summer sacramento weather we are not used to since the weather was relatively mild for us. {so, we swelter, or so it seems.}

but, in spite of record breaking heat i am still having my positive mental attitude. i am re-ordering tee shirts as we are running low {that's a great thing}-along with some hoodies and long-sleeves, the vegan dish pottery came {which i am drooling over}, and we set up an account with chicago soy dairy {vegan run, made on vegan equipment!} for teese vegan cheese and marshmallows {huzzah!}.

things are looking good. and feeling good too. i can't wait for a real weather change for hats and sweaters and socks. pumpkin pie in the cafe and cobblers. mmmmm. {i love fall!}