Thursday, October 07, 2010

*good day*

moved the books, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
well i got through a segment on good day sacramento, our local morning program this week. lesson learned? live TV is not the thing for me LOL. i had in my head all these AR one-liners to combat the zings from the reporter but she was so nice and positive when the lights came on i TOTALLY BLANKED OUT on who i was and what the fuck i was doing. least my intentions were good. and they were not condescending about all the fierce veganocity going on up in here. so, all in all it was worth getting up at 5 to be here at 6am. {that's really, really early for me to be imparting ANY information of any kind ever. but that's just me.}

after she left and i had a few hours to kill i rearranged {again}, putting up a new metro rack for the grocery items. if you come here on the regular don't be too surprised if it's slightly to extremely rearranged constantly. it's just what i do. it's the OCD in me. so, sorry for any confusion :)

also it was like xmas with the shipments! new this week is chicago soy dairy products: mozzarella teese and dandies marshmallows. they were so nice to send samples of all flavors which we are in the process of sampling at home. the cheddar sauce is pretty major. we also got some awesome and i mean fucking awesome belts and key chains made from recycled bike tires, oregon brand vegan chai mix and AR pendant necklaces from christy robinson. her work is so awesome, i have loved these necklaces from afar for many moons. i am honored to have them available here! come see for yourself :)

on a personal front i have never been busier! between the girls, home and the shop i feel like i am going at 10 all the time. i have discovered massages/bodywork and I AM SOLD! what have i been waiting for my whole life to get these? i say reiki me, baby. i am so ready. also shawn has been busy making AR buttons...and we are planning to host melisser elliott, the author of the vegan girl's guide to life in november for a book signing party. {your's truly just may have a blurb in the book...but you will have to wait and read it when it comes out!}

have a great weekend and if you are local or traveling through stop in and say HI!