Saturday, October 16, 2010

*time flies*

it's true what they say:  time really is slippin' slippin' slippin...into the future!  i cannot even believe the month is half over and halloween is coming.  i think i purposely blank out this month out of my memory.  i had some highs, and some very scary lows in octobers of past.  i do love this time of year.  i LOVE when the seasons change from summer to fall and winter to spring.  even here in the sacramento valley, there are seasons.  and they DO change!  {even if you have to drive to "see fall" in the mountains...}

my website is in flux...i am slowly adding things and making it look fresher...  
click and you can see i have been working on my site...{grumble grumble don't talk to me about it webshit sux and takes forever.  or should i say i suck and am slow}

the store is doing great--when it's slow during the week i have been getting everything in order for taxes (already!  shutup gah! noooooo) and the financial side of everything is looking fabu.  let's see if i can keep on top of everything and not get in trouble or fined or something lol.  {there is a lot to keep on top of, trust me}  with the customers and supporters:  everyone has been so nice, i *almost* can't stand it.  {don't. stop.}

mostly i wonder if they can hear me singing downstairs and through the open windows?  because when no one is looking, you better believe it's karaoke up in here!  {serious business...don't laugh!}