Saturday, October 30, 2010

good bye october

can't say i am sorry to see you go!  here we go into a new month with new possibilities and opportunities, not a moment too soon.  it's not the the month was *bad*, it was actually a good and productive month.  it's just not my favorite, that's all.  no hard feelings, october.  {it's not you, it's me}

the shop is doing great:  got some local print coverage in the sacramento news & review and an online mag about midtown's goings on.  free advertising:  i heart this.  people are making their way in finding us on happy cow, yelp, and twitter.  these things work believe it or not LOL.  a lot of bay area friends have made their way down to sacramento with super nice things to say.  whenever someone *thanks* us for *doing this* and gives us genuine support my heart melts.  i just want to *do more*, and with the support of my very small, local and vegan business is one way i can more for the animals and our cause.

i am sitting at the shop, sipping a jamba juice and having 'breakfast with the beatles' on itunes radio thinking how much i really love all this.  this constant state of deja vu tells me i have done this once before somehow.  and i am ok with that.  {everything has happened and will happen again}  

in the meantime, i hope if you are local you have a chance to come shop and say hi.  if you are not you can follow us on facebook to get more constant updates on what's going on.