Saturday, November 06, 2010

*a little cross self-promotion*

our other blog was feeling sad and neglected, so i just updated it with our latest food venture to the loving hut out in elk grove.  if you are from the sacramento area and vegan, you might want to check it out. it's not the fanciest food blog on the planet and we are way to busy/lazy to have signed up for vegan MOFO but it's still our little food blog we like to give some blog lovin' too time to time.  :)  {blog love:  awwwwww}

i am hoping to get my copies of the vegan girl's guide to life early next week.  I haven't seen it yet and i am really excited {read:  anxious}.  i have heard from friends who have seen it and they didn't laugh at my lameness/geekiness too much.  actually they were quite kind, quite kind.  honestly i am in such great company in the book melisser could have photographed me picking my nose and drooling and i would be happy as a clam as long as i was mentioned in there somewhere.  there is a great interview with her on super vegan talking about, among other things, the women she featured in the book.  and your's truly is one of them.  {unbelievable}

in shop news, i have an unbeatable selection of the vegandish pottery in right now, just in time for holiday.  if i got one of these as a gift i would probably pee myself out of pure joy.  seriously.  they are just SO lovely and you can see the workmanship and pride.  i just love looking at them!

also i am getting in some more grocery randoms that would be perfect additions to your very vegan thanksgiving meal like gravy packets and so on.  speaking of, if you are unable to cook the traditional meal for yourself please consider sugar plum vegan's thanksgiving pre-order suggestions.  there is a meal size and price for everyone.  check it out and get your meal or just a pie or dessert order in soon!  

 i leave you with a picture of me on halloween.  i was a vegan zombie.  i was in the process of eating GRAAAAAAINS.  funny, my makeup job didn't show up very well in this picture and i looked just like i always do:  kinda dead.  ha!  enjoy!